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I’m a regular Aldi grocery shopper and dang proud of it. I just love this store for so many reasons: low prices, the incentive to bring your own bags, and knowing I can get in and out in record time. Their cashiers are basically scanning, cart-placing, and payment-collecting Olympic athletes, and I recently learned that this is because cashiers are timed on their speed.

In fact, the reason Forbes listed this European grocer as a leader in customer service is because they recognize the need to offer the consumer some form of ‘excitement’ to create interest and bring shoppers to the store. And I’m here for it all.

So, how exactly do you train customer service reps to deliver service worthy of a gold medal? Why, through a customer service management system, of course.

What Is a Customer Service Management System?

A customer service management system uses advanced software and tools to train employees to provide exceptional customer support. Using real-world situations and advanced programs, the best customer service software trains reps in a timely manner and frees up business resources that can be used to grow the customer base and expand operations. There are ample options to shop from, which means there are a lot of good features to consider. But, how do you pick the best one for your company? We are so glad you asked. 

3 Features to Look for in the Best Customer Service Software

Customer service professionals have their own toolkits and products that they use to deliver more timely, helpful, and accurate responses to their customer base. Here are important customer service software examples and features to consider:

Interactive and engaging content

Customer service agents have a lot on their to-do list. So instead of taking them off of the floor to sit in an instructor-led session full of slides and reading, it’s better to give them a tool that offers access to training through an online tool. To take things one step further, look for a customer service training software that enables you to incorporate more interactive training elements like videos, quizzes, knowledge checks, and videos for increased engagement. 

Seamless integrations

From CRMs and support ticketing systems to service center software and phone systems, customer service agents have to work with a ton of customer service applications and tools. So, it’s really great to find a tool that integrates with your existing tech stack. This makes it easier for agents to access and engage training content when and where they need it. 

Real-time information and analytics

The features above are great, but how can you quantify the impact of them? That’s why teams need access to up-to-date information at any given time. So, instead of manually updating training logs and tracking spreadsheets, call centers can use software that provides real-time reporting and training insights automatically. This also makes it easier to share data with other team members or leaders who want to track their call center training efforts, so everyone can easily understand the direct impact training has on your bottom line.

How to Improve your Customer Service Training Program with  Customer Service Software

By taking advantage of these customer service application features, you’ll be able to create a training program that’s both effective and efficient. Here are a few reasons why:
• This software minimizes disruptions. By using advanced features and tools, managers can select which training courses are relevant to each employee, ensuring time is used wisely.
• The best customer service software also cuts costs. Travel, venue, and instructor costs will stay in the past, and one course can be used for many sessions, further reducing overhead expenses.
• These programs streamline the training process, allowing each employee to work at his or her own pace.
• Overall, training software improves customer service. If employees need a refresher on a certain topic, they can easily revisit training content when they need it.


Delight More Customers With Customer Service Training Software

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