How to Step Up Your Skills in 2021

The year gone by has changed the face of business almost entirely. The skills that organizations now require are quite different from what they needed just a mere few months ago.

Fact: Developing a training program increases profit margins and drives real business results. Investing in the growth and development of employees is intrinsically the same as investing in your company’s future. And as the world of work has evolved into a more technological and online-centric enterprise, businesses are searching high and low for employees who can easily fit into this new work model.

One vital component of a productive workforce is designing training methods for employees. Well-structured employee training tools increase performance, boost employee retention, and improve overall productivity and profits for organizations. But wait, there’s more…

10 Must-Have Skills and Training Tools for 2021

1. Online employee training software

Online training platforms, also known as computer-based training software, deliver training through computers or mobile devices. This type of digital training methods for employees can mimic classroom-style training, support different training formats like video and quizzes, and empower learners to complete training at their own pace.

2. Video conferencing tools

Video conferencing needs no introduction – chances are you already use some form of video conferencing at work (and for virtual happy hours). I mean let’s be real, in this last year Zoom has most definitely become a household name, and also a verb (“Are we Zooming tomorrow, team?”). Video conferencing can be particularly useful when your online training tools and courses could benefit from live support from a subject matter expert.

3. Content creation tools

There are many different types of content creation tools, each with its own benefits for creating particular learning materials: e-courses, training videos, images, memes and infographics, and more. It’s helpful to choose your tools according to the needs of the training program you want to develop.

4. Customer relationship management tools

Using a customer relationship management tool (CRM) not only makes managing your client list easier, but also makes organizing and reporting faster and more accurate as virtual training platforms generally do. By having a system in place to create a uniform process of collecting customer information, you can ensure a higher quality database.

5. Growth mindset

Companies are more inclined to hire someone who wants to learn and is more flexible than someone who has all of the technical skills but lacks curiosity or flexibility. Things are constantly changing, and the way we work needs to reflect those changes. Professionals with a growth mindset are motivated to reach higher levels of achievement by continuously learning new skills in order to move with a changing market.

6. Communication skills

This is a broad category. It can mean anything from how you converse with clients and colleagues to how well you get your point across in emails. The ability to communicate with clients and team members is essential, and it’s not just when you are trying to get the point across, either. Now that most communication is done through emails, chats, video, or phone conference calls, strong communication skills are more critical than ever. 

7. Flexibility

Flexibility + 2021 = v important. We’re used to the new normal by now, but it’s likely to change again just as quickly. Some things may feel like 2019, some like 2020, and some things will be brand new. We’re on an all-new journey. Finding candidates who have comfort with change and ambiguity will help you, and them, get off to a good start. 

8. Empathy

Everyone is juggling and dealing with a lot of priorities right now. Some of us are also part-time teachers, babysitters, and even home cooks in addition to our typical day-jobs. It’s important to show empathy to our teammates, customers, and even potential buyers who are all experiencing different things than you. 

9. Collaboration

Collaborating with your co-workers isn’t always as easy as it seems. Learning to trust others, work together, and give and accept ideas is a difficult skill to master — but if you can, you’ll be well ahead of the competition.

10. Dedication to thrive in a virtual environment

Seeking out talent who can thrive in a virtual environment is critical in 2021. Contenders for remote roles should demonstrate how they have been able to stay visible in a virtual world. Visibility can include offering up a critical skill set, collaborating across teams, leveraging tech tools, offering impeccable responsiveness, being in alignment with key business priorities, promoting team success, and more.


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