How to Leverage Online Training Courses for Better Work

The world is more connected than ever thanks to the internet and many companies are moving toward online training courses as a way to complete both continuing education requirements while also training employees. At the same time, learning through an online portal can be different from learning in a traditional classroom setting. Therefore, it is important for instructors who provide training lessons to capture crucial job-related knowledge. With this goal in mind, there are a few ways that instructors can make sure their employees are not just hearing but also understanding the knowledge that is being communicated through online classes.

Focus on active learnings

One of the key points of modern learning, even through the best free online courses with certificates, is that the learning needs to be active. One of the major problems that companies have is that their employees simply don’t retain what’s communicated in the lessons. One of the reasons why is that the learning management system may not promote active learning. Active learning engages employees throughout the learning process and requires them to complete or engage in activities that require them to put their new knowledge to use. Too often, employees tune out training because they are tired, the lessons are boring, or because the material doesn’t keep them involved. In order to prevent this from happening, the lesson needs to hold the attention of employees. To encourage active learning, consider using knowledge checks or quizzes after certain training lessons. The more “active” the online training software is, the more likely it is that every employee will retain the information.

Communicate in bite-size lessons 

Next, in order for online learning platforms to maximize their benefit, they need to communicate with the employees using bite-size or chunk lessons. Too often, free online computer courses with certificates forget that someone is actually learning on the other side. The content may cover topics too quickly and the lesson may drag on for hours on end. When the lesson goes this long, learners tend to retain less information. To prevent this from happening, the lessons need to be broken up into manageable chunks.

To do this, try to narrow down each lesson to only a few points and make sure the focus of each lesson is clear. Then, drill this point home with solid examples that take advantage of active learning. When the lesson is completed, end it here. Finally, for the next topic, start a whole new lesson. This will encourage the listener to break up the lessons into manageable chunks as well, increasing retention.

Provide a portal to ask questions

While there are numerous benefits of online training courses, one of the main problems people run into is that there isn’t a way to ask questions. After all, unlike classroom training, employees aren’t face-to-face with a presenter where they can easily ask a question. Fortunately, there are ways around this and a great solution is to make sure there is a portal to ask questions. This portal or feature gives employees the ability to ask questions. Those questions are delivered straight to the manager or trainers so they can easily follow up with their team members. This is a great way to reinforce training and ensure that employees fully understand what they just received about.

Make sure to involve a group

When using online training courses, group settings are important. By having an entire group take part in the same training, it allows employees to work together and learn from each other. This is also a great example of active learning at work. When learners are able to work together, they can learn not only from the video but also from each other as well. Since everyone may interpret information in a different way, the differing perspectives act to maximize everyone’s ability to learn from the online training course. Finally, students will be able to apply the lessons learned from the course in an effective manner.

Embrace various multimedia methods

While online video courses are a great way to communicate information, it can also be helpful to vary how employees learn. Listening or watching an online training course is great; however, incorporating smart devices, interactive assignments, and other multimedia tools can effectively hold the attention of learners. When different multimedia tools are incorporated, it acts to break up a lesson and prevents it from feeling monotonous. Therefore, try to take advantage of multiple multimedia tools when it comes to learning online.

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