How to Innovate with Online Training Development Software

Welcome to Lessonly’s two-part series about online training development software! Our first post shared three reasons why we believe growing teams need online training development software. Then, we highlight four ways online training development software keeps teams innovative and helps them Do Better Work. Let’s take a look! 

There are many companies that are looking to improve their training programs. One of the key ways is to think about using e learning software. This interactive training software has numerous content authoring tools that allow companies to innovate their online training system. With an innovative online employee training and development program, companies can save time and money, reach employees in new ways, and improve performance. With these goals in mind, there are a few tips that companies should keep in mind when they are trying to innovate their existing computer-based training development software.

Increase Employee Engagement with Online Training Development Software

One of the key ways that organizations can innovate their existing online training solutions and online training programs is to increase employee engagement with the software. Too often, companies use static, one-dimensional video lectures that simply have employees staring at slides as they roll by. This leaves employees prone to looking away, falling asleep, and letting the material go in one ear and out the other. In order to prevent this from happening, companies need to increase employee engagement with the software.

Consider incorporating the mechanics of games into your training program. For example, research has shown that employees are more likely to pay attention to certain online training programs if there are points involved. These might take the form of personal or team rewards by incentivizing members to complete training. Just remember, this isn’t always the best way to engage employees, so it’s important to think strategically of how this format should be used.

Use Social Media Groups During the Training Process

Companies can actually use the online training program to break up employees into social media groups. Chances are, employees are already very familiar with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat as they probably use these platforms every day. Therefore, why not leverage these social networks during the online training process?

Use the training programs to start a social networking group among the new hires. This is a place where new employees can come together and discuss how the training process is going. Perhaps employees will have questions about the process that can be answered by some of their peers. Maybe employees will find someone who can mentor them during the process. Try to make sure these groups are closed so that employees will be open and honest with each other. This is also an opportunity for the company to collect feedback on the training process. Then, the organization can collect this information and use it to improve the quality of their training programs.

Build a Sense of Familiarity and Teamwork Using Online Learning for Employees

In addition to social media groups, organizations need to use an online employee training platform to foster a collaborative feeling of familiarity and teamwork. When employees interact with each other in a new place, they learn from the point of view of others. Each teammate can show their expertise with one another and develop new bonds. Therefore, online training programs need to encourage employees to work together on collaborative projects. First, by working together and having open discussions about training, they’re more likely to remember the material that’s being covered. Additionally, when employees work together during training, they’re able to learn about one another’s strengths and weaknesses. This information is very valuable as they know who they can learn from and help in their roles.

Create Virtual Reality Simulations using Course Authoring Software

During the online training process, companies also need to give new hires a virtual reality simulation or scenario that can help them learn about their day to day routine. This type of functionality has the ability to create a “wow” factor that will instantly grab everyone’s attention. Then, use this technology to place employees in simulations of situations they might face at work like chatting with a customer, delivering a sales demo, or handling a difficult situation. This will give them the chance to try out various actions and hone important skills. This is also a great way to give employees a chance to see how their actions work out without having to face any actual negative consequences.

Do Better Work with Lessonly’s Online Training Development Software

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