How to Improve Sales Performance in the New Year (Feat. 4 Personalities You’ll Find in January)

January brings out the best and worst in us. Some people reluctantly get back into the swing of things. Others? They’re the gung-ho gym goers over-enthusiastically filling the 6 a.m. spin classes. 

Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, this month brings the opportunity to face challenges—in work and in life—with new vigor. One of the challenges sales enablement pros will never stop facing is how to improve sales performance.  

So, we’re using four typical personality types you’re likely to see in January to illustrate a few simple ways to improve sales performance

The Non-Starter 

The non-starter is the person who treats January 1 as just another day on the calendar. A new year means nothing to them, so they go about their business the same way they’ve always done it. Sure, change might happen to them, but it rarely happens through them. 

When it comes to improving sales performance, this type might struggle. Until they decide that there’s a good reason to change, they simply won’t. So, lay it all out for them early. Tactfully point out the places where their sales performance might improve, and back up those points with data and metrics whenever possible. 

A good place to start? Closed won rates. Across the board, a close rate between 2.4%-3.2% is about average, but what might be considered “good enough” for one organization is anything but for another. Consider the type of sales, the industry, and the cost of what you’re selling when evaluating. 

The Reflective One 

Some of us have a harder time moving on to the new and notable than others. The reflective one is always thinking of bygone days with rose-colored glasses. They’re prone to bouts of nostalgia and rarely view the present in such a glowing light. 

When dealing with the reflective type during a sales performance review, it’s a good idea to harness the power of the past. How can you shine a light on what worked well for your top producers in the past across the greater sales organization? 

Consider how you might create more opportunities to highlight what’s working during your ongoing training to improve sales performance—start team calls with tales of deals gone well, share tips with teammates over coffee, or build training lessons that highlight well-executed deals from days gone by. 

The Overly Enthusiastic One 

They’ve got big plans, and they can’t hide it. The overly enthusiastic folks are hitting the gym decked in new athleisure outfits, they’re meal-prepping up a storm, and you better believe that they’re tracking their progress passionately. Their problem? Burnout. 

The overly enthusiastic type will want to implement too much too fast. And while it’s great to have an action plan to improve sales performance, it’s important to remember to stay realistic. Old habits don’t die overnight. 

This type of January personality thrives in ambiguous environments—give them an overarching goal—like finding ways of improving sales personality, for example—and watch them break it into manageable, measurable tasks that move the needle. This type of action plan is great for keeping those overly enthusiastic folks motivated when momentum inevitably slows later in the month. 

The Goal Oriented One 

Whether you’re struggling with how to improve store performance, what makes a good sales presentation, or how to increase sales in insurance, one thing’s for sure: Goal setting works. The goal-oriented guys and gals know this, because they tend to stick with their goals for the longest. They’re the ones sticking to their skincare routines and reading before bed long after the NYE glow goes away. 

So, capture some of that success for yourself by setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals around the objectives that mean the most for your team’s success. 

If you’re a manager, it’s important to think beyond the obvious results-based goals for your sales department. Consider the personal and professional goals of your team members too. Why? More than 75% of learners value personalized training based on their unique career goals, according to a LinkedIn report. Be one of the good ones—give them the training they need to stick around and sell well. 

Something for Every January Personality 

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