How to Improve Negotiation Skills with Sales Training Courses

Sales training courses are a great tool to enable reps with the skills and knowledge they need to connect with prospects, deliver demos, and close more deals. Our three-part blog series provides free sales training courses for your sales training program including product and services courses, demo training ideas, and ways to improve negotiation skills. Let’s take a look!

Sales representatives need to have great negotiation skills in order to work to come to an agreement and close a sale. That’s why it’s beneficial to your business and your employees to put together courses for sales professionals. There are different types of sales training programs out there, including SaaS sales training courses. However, instead of focusing on the various types of programs, you need to focus on what the training program teaches. If you have sales reps, you may think that they already know how to negotiate. But, taking the time to brush up on or teach them new negotiation skills can be beneficial. Here are a few of the various negotiation skills you should ensure a training program helps to teach your sales staff.

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Creating contracts

Whether you are looking to put together sales training courses for beginners or those who are more advanced, you want to ensure that the training course you offer has a section on creating contracts. Every company has different rules for creating and building a contract for a customer. You want to ensure that your training program goes over the correct process for putting together a contract, reviewing a contract, editing a contract and having the contract approved by someone higher up in the company. A contract is a legally binding document, so you need to ensure the contract is not something that is negative for your business. Consider building a training program that offers online sales training certification courses in creating contracts, so you know which of your employees know the process and chain of command for contracts and which need more training or help.

Building proposals

As you look at the sales training framework that various training programs offer, another module or course that should fall under the realm of negotiation skills is building a proposal. Customers want your staff to approach them with the initial proposal. This may be an estimate for services or the first price for buying products. The initial proposal should be on the higher side, as it gives both parties wiggle room to negotiate and bring the price down. But the price should not be so high that it scares customers away. As a business owner, you want to ensure that your sales representatives know what items cost and how to price out a proposal so the company makes enough money, yet how to avoid overpricing it and scaring customers away.

Negotiating transparently

A world-class sales training program will teach your sales reps the art of negotiation and how to have a transparent negotiation process. When you build a proposal for a customer, you can always expect some push-back and for them to come back to you at a lower price. As a sales rep, it is important that you learn how to keep your cool when you are given a low ball offer, and that you learn how to proceed with the negotiations. A sales rep wants to make it seem like they are being reasonable and coming back at a fair price, or neither party will feel like they are making any progress. At the same time, you likely do not want to come in with your final offer on the first round of negotiations. Teaching sales reps how to read customers, what phrases to say to help the customer pay more and how to sell the product can help your sales reps to improve their negotiation skills.

Managing trials

Another type of course that you want to include in your sales training programs is the way that trials are managed. Many clients are on the fence about subscribing to a service or how effective a pricey tool may really be for their business. One of the techniques that may help to close the sale is offering a product trial. The customer may be able to use the service free of charge for a specific period of time, or at a heavily discounted rate. They can then see the benefits of the service or product for themselves and see how revolutionary it can be for their business. It is important to learn how to manage trials, including when they should be used, how long a trial can go and how to begin negotiations again as the trial period comes to an end.

Following up

The final series of sales training ideas that are often found in top sales training programs are follow-up techniques. Not every business wants to be put on the spot, and some businesses take time to really think about services and products. Giving clients and customers space allows them to make an educated decision about whether they want to buy your product. As a business owner, you should be teaching your representative follow-up techniques. You can learn how to re-approach potential customers without hounding them and what new techniques you may be able to use to finally close a sale.

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