How to Get Employees to Do What You Want

Gather a group of employees and ask them what they expect from their leaders at work and 43% of them will say, “I want respect and it would be nice if they said good job or even thank you once in a while.” Did you think the answer was a raise? Some may be focused on money, but a great salary does not always compensate for an unappreciative boss. In short, money cannot buy happiness.

Just say thank You

So how would an employer increase morale in the office and get employees to respect, like, and do just about anything for the good of the company? Start by saying, Thank you. Attention all bosses, your employees love hearing positive feedback concerning work performance. The more praise you give, the harder and better they will want to work to get more positive feedback.

Sing their praises

Praise from the boss is great, but when the boss announces an employee’s accomplishments, it is even better. Many employees feel that bosses live for putting them down and highlighting mistakes, but it does not have to be this way. Of course, it is not realistic to not provide negative feedback; however, it is always best to compliment and uplift employees whenever possible.

Value their opinions

Make employees feel like valued members of the company by asking for, and incorporating when possible, their opinions and ideas. This will make employees feel valued and important instead of just a cog in the company machine. This helps increase moral and may encourage workers to take a more active part in making the company successful.

Share bad news

If you have bad news that affects your employees or the company, share it with your employees. Bad news travels fast, even if it is untrue. The point being that employees often can sense tension at work. Not sharing news will only breed anxiety and paranoia and catalyze the ever-present rumor mill. Keep in mind that sharing the news with employees may allow for solutions to certain problems.

Don’t yell, take a deep breath instead

Everyone makes mistakes. Shouting and humiliating employees for their mistakes will not make matters any better. In fact, doing so will affect their relationship with you and cause hard feelings toward the company.

Become your employee’s cheerleader

It is important to hire the best candidate for a job. But even the most self-assured employee needs a word of confidence from their employers. Challenge employees and encourage them to perform at their very best. This is reassuring that the employer has confidence in them and their abilities.

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