How to fix an FAQ problem in startups and enterprises by integrating knowledge into common workflows

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are a common productivity inhibitor in organizations of all shapes and sizes. In small companies, the challenges involving repeated questions are surrounding a lack of time, a growing team, and a lack of reliable documentation. In enterprises, they struggle with the volume of FAQs, challenges involving legacy systems that are poorly maintained, and a reluctance to change habits involving knowledge access.

Our goal is to enhance your existing workflows to make them more knowledge-rich.

The Obie (now known as Lessonly Knowledge) FAQ knowledge base product improves workflows where knowledge is required. It’s designed to be the fastest way to capture, access, and share knowledge for repeated workplace questions, especially those asked in Slack.

Regardless of the size of the team, FAQ knowledge base solutions can be used to enhance long-form or wiki documentation by delivering a “fast answer” experience in the places where questions are asked.

Solving FAQs in Startups

Startups face a litany of problems that plague productivity. Imagine a perfect storm of the following issues:

  • Frequently onboarding new employees that are looking for knowledge
  • An ever-growing body of internal knowledge generated from product research and customer feedback
  • A lack of documentation and where knowledge does exist and is scattered amongst numerous silos
  • Too few subject matter experts and not enough time in the day to dedicate to providing support

The solution to these problems is to integrate knowledge into the places where employees ask questions and make it dead-simple to capture, access, and share knowledge on the fly.

Slack is the work operating system

Startups use Slack because it is the most modern communication and collaboration platform on the market and it is a highly extensible product that integrates well with the tools startups frequently use. Slack is where questions get asked and where knowledge gets shared – especially in today’s increasingly remote work settings. While Lessonly Knowledge is indeed a knowledge management solution, it is also a workflow accelerator. We aim to take existing workflows and inject self-serve access to knowledge into them to make them faster.

FAQs enable the best “fast answer” knowledge base solution into Slack. It’s a no-nonsense tool that brings capture, consumption and sharing of knowledge completely into Slack-based workflows.

Getting answers in Slack

To get fast answers to FAQs in Slack you can DM Knowledge or use the /ollie command in any channel where Knowledge is invited. FAQs, and other relevant knowledge from any of our 16+ integrations, will be returned.

No answer to a frequently asked question? That’s a knowledge gap! They’re easy to close, too. You can add knowledge directly within Slack as well, without ever leaving the conversation.

No Slack? No problem!

You don’t have to be in Slack to access FAQs. You can instantly create, capture and share FAQs directly from our convenient browser extension for workflows that happen outside of Slack.

You can also highlight any content on a webpage and convert that into an FAQ instantly.

Solving FAQs in enterprises

Many of the features of an FAQ that benefits startups apply to larger companies. The difference is, as companies get larger, they have more complex needs. In this section, we’ll address how we handle those complexities.

Flexible permission structures

Unlike Startups, enterprises often require information to be constrained by various boundaries. These might include geographic, business units or even hierarchy-based. Consider these situations:

  • Teams seeking rapid support across time zones
  • Engineering not wanting technical documentation to be mixed with marketing documents
  • HR and management teams wanting to isolate employee documentation for privacy purposes

Since many of these lines are separated by Slack channels or groups, Knowledge allows you to control access in a way that respects your requirements.

Compatibility with Slack Enterprise Grid

In many enterprise settings that utilize Slack Enterprise Grid (SEG) to manage numerous workspaces from a centralized admin experience. Knowledge FAQ respects the Grid structure and facilitates building an FAQ knowledge base with a permission-based framework. With Knowlege FAQ, you can:

  • Grant everyone access to FAQs org-wide
  • Limit FAQ access to one or more Slack workspaces
  • Limit FAQ access to Slack Groups
  • Limit FAQ access to Slack Channels

FAQ Admin Dashboard

In an enterprise setting, with the sheer volume of questions being asked in Slack, it pays dividends to utilize the FAQ admin dashboard to fill knowledge gaps.

When FAQs are created by non-admins, they need to be approved or edited inline to show them as verified to knowledge seekers.

Content verification

Content gets old, inaccurate, and eventually requires updating. Knowledge FAQ uses visual signals to communicate the quality of knowledge. We utilize a freshness meter to relay information and detailed metadata that gives knowledge seekers context on the snippet.

Lessonly Knowledge FAQ is a dedicated knowledge format that is optimized to deliver fast answers where questions are asked with minimal changes to your team workflows. It scales nicely in startups and in enterprise settings. Learn more about Knowledge.

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