How to Cut the Onboarding Process for Your SDR Team in Half

Congrats! You just hired some rockstar sales development reps for your small to mid-size business. During their interview process, they wowed you with their natural charisma, impressive work history, and the potential impact they can make at your company. Now what…?

It’s time to revisit your onboarding process to ensure that your new team members have a user-friendly onboarding experience.

This is how we do it!

Here at Lessonly, we recently revamped our onboarding program for incoming sales development reps and have cut the time it takes for them to send their first emails to prospects in half. At the core of our employee onboarding process is the idea of practice. Many sales teams utilize the principles of practice when they have reps roleplay or shadow their top-performing sales reps. We use these methods too—they’re great for introducing new employees to their colleagues in a productive way and help integrate new hires into the company culture.

But these methods can be time-consuming and stress-inducing. What sets our onboarding experience apart is utilizing Lessonly’s employee onboarding software to automate onboarding. We create non-threatening practice scenarios to simulate real-world examples that a sales rep might run into on a daily basis. The new hires also get to practice their skills across multiple channels including email, chat, and video response.

What makes practice scenarios a game changer is the ability to customize them specifically to your organization. One of the most useful lessons I took during my onboarding process discussed our ideal customer profiles. The path took me through lessons that described specific personas. It gave a brief bio for the personas, broke down what is most important to individuals in these roles, and described the most common pain points that people in these roles would experience. The path then prompted me to craft a practice email and an introductory video pitch to introduce Lessonly, dive deeper into the prospect’s needs, and elaborate on how Lessonly can help solve their specific challenges. What I liked the most about this learning path was that I got an inside look into the world of the people I would eventually spend time selling to. I also spent time planning out how to craft my email response and rehearsed my personalized pitch. I probably messed up 10+ times when practicing my pitch, but the only person that knew was me—and now you 🙂 My responses were graded by my manager and our head of sales enablement to give me helpful feedback so that I could learn and grow from the experience.

You can do it too!

Once we implemented these practice scenarios and elevated the training content being pushed out to the team, the timeline for our employee onboarding experience for SDRs at Lessonly has been cut in half. By automating aspects of the onboarding process and encouraging skill development, new team members are sending out their first prospecting emails and setting meetings in their first week. Want to get your new SDR hires up to speed quicker and creating business opportunities by their second week? We can help!

World-class sales teams use Lessonly’s employee onboarding software to Do Better Work

Lessonly is powerfully simple online training and enablement software that helps sales teams learn, practice, and perform like never before. Managers and trainers create intuitive lessons for every sales scenario. The results? Better training, happier employees, and more closed deals. Learn more, and demo Lessonly today.

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