How to Create Your Own Customer Service Training Manual in 5 Steps

Customer service is extremely important for every business. If your customers don’t feel like they are being treated well, they may decide to do business with a competitor. Additionally, they may leave negative reviews about your company online, which can impact the ability to gain new customers in the future.

Here at Lessonly, we offer free resources to help you create your own customer service training manual template. A training manual template allows you to identify customer service training topics that you want to train all of your employees on to ensure they are delivering exemplary customer service to all of your customers. Let’s take a look at a few of the steps that our online template will guide you through. 

Identify your Customers

As you look to create your own customer service policy manual, one of the first things you need to do is identify your customers. In some cases, your customers may be extremely easy to identify. You may have a grocery store and the individual who comes to the store to purchase items is the customer. In other cases, it can be hard to identify the customer. Is the customer another business that your business handles transactions with? Is the customer someone who vaguely expresses interest in learning about your services? Take the time to identify the customer for your employees, as the companies with the best customer service prioritize their customers over everything else. 

Establish Best Practices

The next step to take as you look to create a customer service training manual template is to establish best practices or the best customer service policies. You want to explain to your employees the importance of customer service policy, as well as what you expect from them when interacting with clients and customers. As you establish best practices, be sure to provide customer service training manual examples, such as looking up from what you are doing to warmly greet a customer as soon as they enter the building. Providing examples allows your employees to see what creates great experiences for your customers and why your company wants to focus on establishing these great experiences. 

Outline Specific Policies

Certain companies and industries have specific policies and regulations that they have to follow. For example, if you are in the medical field, you may not be able to talk to the husband or wife of a customer about their specific bills unless they give you authorization to do so. If you do, you may be violating HIPAA laws. Your customer service procedures and processes need to take into account specific rules and regulations and how those rules and regulations are to be addressed. You want to ensure you do not violate any of the rules and laws that govern the type of industry you have, yet at the same time, you want to continue to provide customers with a high level of customer service. Addressing some of these issues with a training program can help to ensure your employees know what to do to stay compliant, while still trying to please their customer. 

Identify Tools and Resources

When creating a customer service training manual template, you need to take a look at what tools and resources you already have in place in regards to customer service. You may have customer service training exercises or a custom service training implementation plan. Look at what types of customer service training you already have in place and that the team is already using. From there, start looking at what additional tools or resources your team needs to be successful. Does additional training implementation need to happen, or do you simply need to offer refresher courses on the tools and training courses you already have, but have not pushed recently? Identifying tools and resources helps you to see what your business has in place and what changes or improvements need to occur. 

Get Feedback from your Current Employees

Lastly, as you roll out your customer service training implementation plan be sure to get feedback on your customer service training manual template from your current employees and then use that feedback to tweak or make changes to your current training template. As your employees to identify what they liked about the training program, what they learned from the training program and whether there are any areas that they feel they can still improve on or wished they had learned more about during training. This feedback can help you to create a customer service training program outline that your employees feel is beneficial and valuable. And since they are the ones interacting with the customer, their feedback is priceless. 

Get Started with Lessonly’s Free Customer Service Training Manual

Is it time to revisit your customer service training manual? Lessonly’s free customer service training manual is a great tool to help your team deliver consistent customer service training, delight customers, and Do Better Work. Click here to access the manual, or learn more about Lessonly here.

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