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How to Create the Best Onboarding Program with an Employee Training Plan Template

As a business, it’s important to have a consistent employee onboarding program and employee training plan. A consistent onboarding plan, or an employee development plan template, helps the leaders in your company identify and prioritize the skills and knowledge that employees need to know before they are allowed to head out on their own and actually start working for your business. This may include things such as important safety guidelines, rules for how to talk to customers or business contacts, or what the expectations for them are within the company. 

A software training plan template does more than just ensure that employees are given the correct skills when they first start out at the company. A template also helps leaders see how they can deliver training to new staff members in a consistent fashion and in a manner that employees can grasp. It also helps to ensure that all employees are taught the same skills and receive the same key pieces of information when they first begin working for your company. Read on to learn more about employee training plans and employee onboarding.

How to Identify Skills for Onboarding Training

When you are looking to put together an onboarding training program for your company, you first need to identify skills that you want to instill in your employees during their training program. However, as a manager or leader, the skills that you think the employees need can vary differently from the skills other employees wish they had when they first started. Looking at examples of training and development programs for employees can give you a feel for a development plan example that may work for your company. But, there are a few others places you should turn that can help you glean some insight into valuable items that you may wish to add into your employee onboarding training plan.

Talk to other team members

As you put together an employee training plan and employee onboarding program, you should talk to other team members at various levels within your company. Those who work on the frontlines can tell you what pieces of information they wish they knew during their first months on the job. Additionally, those who supervise or manage employees can tell you what information they wish their team of employees knew or better grasped when they were starting.

Review past employee performance reviews

Another way to determine what items you may wish to incorporate into employee onboarding and training programs include past employee performance reviews. Take a look at reviews for employees who have been with your company for less than a year. Are there areas where the employees are consistently lacking or failing? The areas where newer employees are routinely doing poorly in are areas you will want to look at addressing during onboarding training.

Consider new tasks and business objectives

Finally, when considering what to incorporate into your employee training plan for employee onboarding, consider new tasks that employees have and new business objectives. As employee tasks change and as business objectives change, your onboarding training will need to be updated to ensure that new employees are receiving helpful and relevant training.

How to Prioritize Training

As a leader, you may have grand ideas for consistently training new employees who are starting at your company. However, life happens and employees within your business can get busy. It is easy for new employees to fall through the cracks and never get the training or onboarding that they need and deserve. One of the best ways to ensure your company is prioritizing training is to utilize a staff training and development plan template. This type of information should be stored in every employee’s file. It allows you to ensure that every employee has gone through the onboarding process. It also allows the employee to put together goals and create a plan as to how they can develop and work toward that goal. This gives them vision and motivation while ensuring they follow company rules and standards.

How to Deliver Training

The final hurdle you may need to cross when it comes to employee training and onboarding plans is how you intend on delivering the training to your new staff members. Do you plan on doing in-person training or online training? Do you plan on giving one-on-one training or having a group of new employees train together, also known as blended learning? Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to how you deliver training. Each method has its own benefits. However, you should use an individual employee training plan template to ensure that each individual employee is receiving the exact same training as other individuals, regardless of how their training is being administered.

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