How to Build Soft Skills with Call Center Training Software

This three-part series explores how call center training software helps customer service teams learn, practice, and Do Better Work. Part one breaks down how to call center training software is essential to improving soft skills. Part two shares how software improves relationships with customers. Finally, part three highlights must-have features that every call center training software should have. Let’s get started!

Your call center representatives need to develop soft skills to adequately fulfill the needs of your customers. Some examples of soft skills include integrity, communication, and problem-solving. Unfortunately, building soft skills is much easier said than done. In comparison to more technical skills, it can be difficult to measure the aptitude of an agent when it comes to soft skills.

However, simply because soft skills are hard to access does not mean they are not worthwhile. If you’re ready to help your call center representatives build soft skills, then we suggest using call center training software. Here’s how.

Practice makes perfect

Soft skills are also known as people skills or relational skills, and customer service reps interact with people for a living. Therefore, it’s essential that call center reps have top-notch soft skills. The only way these skills can be attained and adequately developed is through practice. Chances are, you’ve heard of the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” One of the advantages of call center training software is that it enables agents to practice soft skills.

Call center training software solutions allow agents to practice realistic job scenarios. And, different training sessions encourage the development of different soft skills. For example, some training sessions may involve webcam recording where the agent records themselves delivering a pitch to a customer or prospective customer. Training sessions can also involve screen recording to help agents practice product walkthroughs and other types of call center simulation training.

Practice is a great way for agents to receive thorough feedback in a low-stakes environment. This makes it possible for agents to build up their soft skills in a safe environment so that they can perform well when it counts. Not only that but practicing in a low-stakes environment builds up the confidence of agents. Without adequate confidence, well-developed soft skills are simply not enough to perform well as a call center representative. Confidence is necessary for a call center representative to make a good impression with customers.

In fact, confidence is considered a soft skill, and one of the most important ones to boot. 

The importance of practice cannot be stressed enough. Even call agents who have good soft skills need regular practice. Without practice, one’s proficiency when it comes to soft skills will begin to atrophy. Practice is particularly important for soft skills that are not commonly used on a daily basis by call center representatives. 

Improved coaching and training

Call center training software also improves coaching and training. These programs allow leaders and managers to identify gaps in the skills of their call center agents. For example, if a manager notices that most of their call center agents struggle with problem-solving, the manager can hold a training session each week that focuses on problem-solving skills and steps. An alternative is that the manager can make lessons and questions involving problem solving on the call center training program mandatory for their call center agents. Also, the feedback from call center training software makes it possible for managers to hold individualized and targeted training sessions with each of their call center agents.

Overall, a call center training software is one of the best call center tools that leaders and managers can take advantage of to effectively train and coach their agents.

Accessible training anytime and anywhere

Additionally, a call center training program allows agents to access training at any time and from anywhere. Depending on the time of the day, week, or even year, call center reps may have a low, moderate, or high workload. If one of your agents is experiencing a low workload during idle time, you can have them use the call center training software to learn and practice their soft skills right at their desks. That way, agents are still being productive even though they aren’t helping a customer.

Your agents can even use the call center training software outside of work. It is truly up to your agents when they want to access training and they may want to practice and grow on their own time. For example, if an agent takes a train to work every day, they may opt to use the program to practice their soft skills during their commute.

Training guides and best practices

Overall, call center solutions for training are a good reference for call center reps who want to build their soft skills. These solutions frequently feature training guides for leaders and managers as well as lists of call center best practices for call center representatives. As a leader or manager, you can take advantage of the call center training guide and call center training ideas to learn how to more effectively train their agents. Call center agents can also reference the call center script best practices for call center agents to learn how to become a good call center agent.

Essentially, a call center agent training program serves as a hub of good information for call center training technique

Instead of searching the web for vital information about building soft skills, all the information a call center agent or a manager of a call center could need is in one place. Many leaders and managers realize that they are getting quite a good deal when they take into consideration call center software pricing and the convenience of call center training software.

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