How to Assign Lessons with Lessonly

Lessonly gives you two unique ways to distribute your lessons:

1. You can assign them to your users via the assign button, or

2. You can share your lessons with a link (more here)

This blog post will help you take advantage of the first option. To get started, click the “Assign” button at the top-right of the Lessonly application.



This modal will appear:



Where it says “Who should be assigned,” begin typing the name of the person or group you’d like to assign your lesson(s) to. As soon as you start typing, the modal will begin anticipate your query and give you options of people and groups to choose from. Select your desired person or group from the list:



Now, where it says “Assign [Person/Group Name] to these lessons,” begin typing the name of the lesson you’d like to assign and select it from the drop-down. Repeat this process as needed to assign multiple lessons at once; just be sure to only put one lesson on each line.



You can add an optional due date to your lessons by changing the “Anytime” bubble to an exact date. Click the bubble to reveal a calendar. Select your desired due date from the calendar.

Again, due dates are entirely optional, but they do have a big benefit: when you add a due date to a lesson, Lessonly responds by triggering a cadence of email reminders to your assignee(s). The first reminder is sent a week before the lesson is due, the second is sent a day before, and the third only comes if the lesson becomes overdue. Think of these email reminders as a digital tap on the shoulder to your assignees, helping them to stay on top of their assignments.



When you are satisfied with your assignee, your selected lessons, and your choice of a due date, click the modal’s “Assign” button.



When you click the modal’s “Assign” button, you will see Lessonly’s black spinner, which means that your information is being processed.


Lessonly will automatically send an assignment notification email to your assignee(s) five minutes after you click the assign button.

We added the delay as a bit of a failsafe. For example, you might assign a lesson to a person or group accidentally, or change your mind about your desired due date. Either way, the five-minute delay allows you to navigate to the person or group and unassign your lesson before anybody is the wiser. Lessonly’s job is to make you a rockstar when it comes to teaching and learning. This is one of the little nuances that helps us do that.

That sums it up. Happy assigning, folks! Let me know if you have any questions! You can email me anytime or send us a Tweet.

—Max at Lessonly

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