How Remote Work Brings Out New Levels of Collaboration and Grace

If you’re looking for someone who leads with grace, drive, and compassion, let me introduce you to Justin Clifford, our Director of Commercial Sales. He sat down to chat with Ben about how he’s navigating remote work both personally as a parent and husband with two kids to care for, and professionally, with a team of nine AEs to lead and support. Hit play below or read the highlights to discover what Justin is learning from his family and his teammates while juggling working remotely with parenting. 

People get it.

What a freeing truth. No one is unaffected by the state of our world right now, and there’s definitely a renewed sense of, “we’re all in this together” as a society. Justin said that people are extending a whole new level of grace to him at this time, and he’s doing the same. This makes people feel psychologically safe and valued. While his 8am-5pm may only have 3-5 solid hours of work with a few more hours thrown in after the kids go to sleep, he’s realizing that he’s doing his best, and his best is more than enough.

Things are rough, and that’s okay.

Justin summed it up excellently—“Everyone’s got their own version of rough, and it doesn’t matter how it compares to other people.” He’s managing a team that’s got individuals living alone and feeling isolated and people who live with their working spouses and kids. This experience is challenging in both situations because regardless, it’s an adjustment. Thankfully though, if everyone acknowledges the reality that things are wild right now, everything starts to feel more okay. Justin was raw and honest throughout his interview, and this part especially resonated with us.

Selling is collaborative.

Sales teams can be way more collaborative than we once thought. Everyone is working together to find solutions, messaging, and strategies that win in empathy and on operational fronts. Justin’s team has been collaborating with their prospects, with each other, and even with family members and friends for ways to do their jobs better and help their accounts do Better Work, too.

Silver linings are everywhere.

AEs are deepening relationships with their network and with each other in huge ways. One of Justin’s AEs posed a challenge to their team to reach out to two people they haven’t spoken with in ages to simply say hello. No intentions. No agenda. Just a quick check-in to see how those two people are holding up. All that to say, this season of remote work is inspiring people to reconnect and lean on each other in fresh ways, both personally and professionally, and while what’s happening in our world is undeniably challenging, we’re trying to find silver linings even in the small things.


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