How Large Companies Can Use Enterprise Training Software

We’re obviously big believers in the value of a learning management system here at Lessonly. There are reasons for that. We believe all businesses, large and small, can benefit from a learning management system.

What is a learning management system?

Think of learning management system (LMS) software as the tool that can improve learning by making it faster, more productive, cost-effective, and, most importantly, trackable. It’s a software that is designed specifically to create, distribute, and manage the delivery of educational content. This type of online training software can be hosted as a stand-alone product on a company server, or it can be a cloud-based platform that is hosted by the software provider.

An employee training software most often operates inside of a web-browser, behind a secure sign-on process. This gives all students, instructors, employees and teams easy access to courses on-the-go, while managers and administrators can monitor student progress and make improvements as needed.

Who uses this type of online training system?

The short answer is: Anybody who’s doing any type of eLearning. And that includes a whole lot more than just educational institutions.

  • Businesses of all sizes
  • Organizations from the United Nations to your local co-op, including non-government organizations and nonprofits
  • Government agencies and local governments
  • Traditional educational institutions (schools, universities, colleges)
  • Online and eLearning-based educational institutions

How can large teams use employee training management software?

Implementing, monitoring, and maintaining training programs in large companies is no easy feat. The bigger a business grows, the harder it is to track professional development. This is a big factor as to why the market has seen a big increase in the use of learning management systems and course management systems as an all-in-one solution for employee training.

Learning management system examples include:

Employee training

The need to train new employees or teach existing employees new skills is a constant, whether you are an insurance company, scooter factory, hospital, or government organization. With enterprise training software, you can cut down on employee training costs and eliminate business disruptions associated with traditional learning by utilizing online training courses for employees, giving them the freedom to study the material online and at their own pace.

Employee orientation

The all-important task of onboarding a new hire can be automated and handled easily by a business LMS. You still get to greet them and give them a tour around the office, but all the rest they can study at their own pace (and refer back to whenever they need). An onboarding course can include basic introductory information, as well as the all-important detailing of their role and responsibilities, information about career advancement opportunities, and benefits.


It could be a school selling online lessons, a traditional educational institution supplementing its classroom-based courses, a business educating its clients, or even a government agency helping educate the general population.

Knowledge retention

Training your employees is one thing, but learning from them is also important. A knowledge retention system ensures valuable skills, techniques, and information stay with your company when employees leave or retire. It’s also a good fit for an online employee training and development platform, as rather than having this valuable information sit in some document management system that nobody ever checks, it is available at all times to train new employees or people coming from other departments.

The moral of our little story here is that adequately training your employees is vital for the survival of any company. Happily trained and developed employees result in heightened productivity, increased profitability, and reduced employee turnovers.


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