How Google, Zoom, and Quarantinis Prove the Value of Online Training Software for Frontline Teams

How’s everyone’s 2020 going? Been a bit of a wild one, hasn’t it? 

Thanks to COVID-19, there have been some fundamental changes occurring in our approach to working and living. Non-essential employees are working from home, and all of a sudden, we’re navigating a completely different way to keep our teams in the loop. To do so, companies are looking into online training platforms and other forms of interactive training software, which leads to an important question:

Is online training effective?

Let me answer that question with a quick quarantine quiz: 

  • You have a Zoom happy hour coming up with your family. Beyond worrying about whether it looks like you haven’t showered in three years, where do you go to learn how to make that perfect quarantini?
  • Your lower back is killing you from sitting in all kinds of ridiculous poses during work calls from your home office. How do you find the stretches to avoid permanently turning into the hunchback of Talbott lane? 
  • Your trip to Paris may have been cancelled but Merde! you’re going to learn French anyways. How do you get started with the ABCs en francais?

Now for some educated guesses as to your responses:

  • You didn’t walk down the street to a local bar and ask for an individualized cocktail master class from your friendly neighborhood mixologist. 
  • It was a little difficult for you to get into the gym and ask some of the Yogis there the best ways to stretch out and take care of your aching back. 
  • Your old ami Thierry wasn’t able to meet you at the cafe on the corner for a croissant while helping you with your conjugation of etre.

Where did you go for the answers to these questions? You went online. So to come back to our question: Is online training effective? Of course it is. 

Here’s why…

One of the great predictors and trends for the best way to learn in a business environment is to look at the way we learn outside of our jobs. As we’ve seen from the scenarios above, we are constantly learning online.

Important changes are happening on a daily basis that employees need to know. 

Let’s look at some common, COVID-related business problems that e-learning software and other online course platforms are positioned to solve. 

Office Safety and Insurance Qualms

What are the protocols for accessing our closed office space? If we’re going back to work, how will social distancing guidelines and sanitization procedures work? Is my health insurance affected by all of this mess? 

With all of this information changing so rapidly, it’s challenging to keep teams up-to-date. Emails get buried or go unread, and who really wants to add another all-team webcam call to their calendar? Using an online employee training platform allows for the creation of consumable, searchable, and dynamic training materials, and many platforms are designed to be incredibly easy to update as needed.

Zoom Etiquette, Software, and Star Wars

How do I use our new video conferencing software? What is the best way to act on a Zoom call? How do I stop staring at my video and pay attention to my clients? Is that background image of the interior of the Death Star professional? 

Great training management software shines because of its ability to cater training to specific problems at the speed in which they arise. Webcam calls are the new best chance to make a first impression for customers or client-facing teams, and a small investment in online employee training and development goes a long way towards ensuring your team is always putting their best foot (or face?) forward on interactive calls. 

Product Knowledge and Team Alignment

I have hundreds of retail employees who are product experts and not able to be in their stores. How can I quickly get them trained to support my call center staff with their product knowledge?

Using an online training software like Lessonly, you can quickly re-purpose existing onboarding content for your call center team to create interactive learning modules for your retail folks. These can be assigned directly to your retail employees while they are at home, and you can monitor completion and comprehension. Some virtual training platforms even incorporate functionality to turn a Zoom call into a live virtual classroom, allowing learners to ask questions and role play, as needed. 

The Smartest Teams Adapt

If there’s anything we’ve learned so far in this true, shining gem of a year that is 2020, it’s that there is quite a bit of uncertainty in our world. Those who adapt quickly are the ones best suited to succeed in the long run. Life goes on, and will go on, and online training tools are going to be one way that smart companies help their teams stay competitive.


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