How FLEETCOR Navigates Digital Transformation with Lessonly

As a global leader in business payments, FLEETCOR offers innovative solutions, sophisticated automation, and secure processing that simplifies the way that businesses manage and pay expenses. 

The company processes billions of transactions each year in more than 100 countries. This level of success is never a one-person job, which is why the company has put together an A-team of business partners, payment networks, and employees to help support it’s rapidly growing customer base. 

FLEETCOR is on the forefront of technology to provide businesses with a better way to pay, which also means they have to innovate and evolve to drive real results. To learn more about this endeavor, we sat down to chat with the team that creates and delivers training to FLEETCOR’s 200+ and counting customer service agents. Here’s what they shared. 

The Challenge

When FLEETCOR started back in 2000, the way to train included hard-copy manuals that were nearly 600 pages long. That’s right, new agents and seasoned teammates alike would find themselves flipping through manuals to try to find information while they were on the phone with customers. 

What was even more time consuming than agents turning page after page was the process of updating manuals each time there was a change or new process that FLEETCOR agents needed to know. 

“The biggest obstacle we were running into is that a lot of the documentation we had lived in Word documents, PDFs, or in other files,” explained Warren Collins, Training Manager at FLEETCOR. “So, it was difficult to keep things organized, make sure they were updated, and then ensure that everyone had an updated copy of everything. We also just had a lot of tribal knowledge that was just passed down from person to person. So, we didn’t always know what was correct.” 

Then, one day, Jair Loza, Director of Training Operations, attended a CWW event and noticed a bright yellow booth that had llamas on it. His curiosity and love for llamas drew him to the booth and he found himself talking to the Lessonly team. The rest is history. “What sold us at the end was that it was going to create this level of ease for us to make training materials and have them all in one, central location,” he shared. 

The Process

The first priority for the FLEETCOR team was to digitally transform its manuals so agents could easily access information right when they needed it. “Now, people aren’t flipping through the 600-page manual to try to find information while they’re on the phone and supporting a customer,” explained Director of Customer Experience Learning and Development, Megan Smith. “They’re able to type in the search bar for what they’re looking for. It pops up, they can pull it up, and they can find the solution so much quicker.” 

Lessonly also enables the FLEETCOR team to create and deploy training much faster than before. Megan, who has worked with other training software in the past, shared that they’re able to move a lot faster with Lessonly in comparison to needing six weeks to build training in other platforms. “Our world and our business is fast moving, so we have to build fast,” she said. She’s also found that Lessonly makes it easy to break training up into smaller, micro-lessons that are more efficient for the customer service team.

“With traditional training and instructional design, we used a lot of voice and less text,” she shared. “But if agents are on the phone, they can’t listen to training to get information. Now they can quickly scroll through the training to find the answer. It’s been a big shift, but it’s been a wonderful shift as well. 

The FLEETCOR team uses Lessonly for a number of initiatives from new hire onboarding to sending their ongoing Daily Digest, which includes company updates, announcements, and more. And, as the company shifts to more digital support channels, agents have been able to hone essential skills they need for chat interactions. Lessonly also helps the team identify when agents need additional in-person coaching to improve specific soft skills. 

Lessonly was also extremely useful when FLEETCOR had to transition to a remote workforce during the pandemic. At a time that could have been chaotic, the team leaned on Lessonly to deliver ongoing training and keep everyone up-to-date. “I don’t know how we could have made a transition to working from home without having Lessonly,” Warren noted.

The Partnership 

As you can imagine, transforming 600 pages worth of content is no small task. But, by partnering with Lessonly Services, FLEETCOR was able to efficiently update training content while the Services team helped transition everything to an online format. 

“Services was very valuable to us when it came to transforming our manuals into Lessonly content,” added Warren. “When you have a document that’s over 600 pages that needs to be put online, that’s a monstrous task. So, having the knowledge and expertise of Services has definitely helped us. We can bounce ideas off of them, hear what other companies are doing, and learn more best practices, so it’s been enjoyable working with them.”

By working with Lessonly Services, FLEETCOR has also been able to focus on more soft skills training. “While we were focused on more product-specific training, we were able to team up with Services to put together content on those soft skills that our agents really need,” shared Megan.

In addition to partnering with Services, FLEETCOR also takes advantage of a number of other customer perks including working with their account manager, joining LlamaNation, and attending Yellowship.

“I’ve used other LMSs in the past where you don’t know your rep or there’s not really someone to directly go to with questions,” recalled Megan. “But, with Lessonly there’s plenty of support after becoming a customer. There’s always someone that can answer your question and brainstorm ideas with.” 

The Results 

FLEETCOR has been using Lessonly for a few years and is seeing great results. As an organization that follows the Kirkpatrick Model, FLEETCOR has found that Lessonly is a great tool to use throughout this training process. “We measure and evaluate on the four levels of Kirkpatrick to make sure that training is being done in a way that’s actually beneficial for the learners,” explained Jair. “We look at things like engagement, agent efficiencies, quality assurance, and net promoter scores.” 

FLEETCOR also recently rolled out fee waiver compliance training to ensure that agents follow the correct policies and procedures for customers who request a fee waiver. Since starting that training initiative, they’ve seen a drastic improvement with 90% of agents following the correct process. Additionally, agents are successfully completing training 95% of the time compared to a previous completion rate of 78%. 

Agents also love training with Lessonly. With a 96% approval rating for Lessonly lessons, Megan shared that this “translates to a happier, engaged team.” In addition to transforming how agents learn, Lessonly has also played a big part in shaping FLEETCOR’s culture. 

“I think that shows how transformative it’s been over the last two and a half years,” explained Warren. “Now Lessonly is part of our culture as far as training is concerned. Agents know exactly where they need to go to find information.” 

From using Lessonly’s newest product, Knowledge, to tying Lessonly to more quarterly incentives, the FLEETCOR team has tons of plans as they continue down the path of digital transformation.

“Lessonly has been a great addition to our toolset,” concluded Jair. “It’s just changed everything from what we were doing to what we now know. It was a huge change and from our agents’ perspective it’s just been great.” 


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