How Do You Create a Customer Service Training Program? Start With Authenticity

Customer service is a big deal—perhaps the biggest deal, when it comes to client retention. So it’s no surprise that we see the best customer service training programs from organizations that put their employees first. After all, if you’ve made believers out of your customer support team, it will show as they work with customers and meet their needs. I don’t know about you, but I tend to gush about companies I work for, because I work for the very best! (See what I did there? ?)

But let’s back things up for a second. The right tools will change training new and seasoned reps from a monumental task to an easy peasy one. Ergo, customer service training software is your new best friend. Within your training program, there should be customer service training ideas that range from technical skills to personal development. Be sure to include modules that tackle what to do, how to do it, and how to relate to the customers you are doing it all for.

More specifically, customer service training topics will include leadership, priorities, timeliness, and authenticity. When companies prioritize the people they serve, as well as those who serve them, it shows customers that they are worth the investment and quality care.

1. Make sure your leaders are bought in.

The companies I work for do an amazing job at refining their leadership teams. They spend time together in meetings, retreats, and even social time outside of work to build authentic relationships that go beyond the office. Those leadership teams are making a concentrated effort to make their direct reports feel like colleagues. To challenge and encourage them, rather than checking off a list of dos and don’ts. As an employee, I feel valued, and I believe it shows in the care I pass on to our customers. When an employee feels supported, they naturally put more effort into their work, and it shows. 

2. Prioritize accessibility and timeliness.

Prioritizing customer support is a win-win situation. It prioritizes the customers who drive your business, as well as the employees who care for those customers. This is where we circle back to that customer service training software. How to deliver customer service training is as important as any other aspect of prioritizing customer support. Training should be accessible, timely, and readily available. Your customer service team needs to be able to refer back to examples and modules as they face the experiences and situations they were trained to handle. 

3. Teach honesty and authenticity.

Customers and employees alike know when they are being talked at rather than with. Being talked at does nothing but bore and condescend, which is of course not the impression you are trying to make. So be sure to level with your associates, as well as your customers. If you know the upcoming material is dry, but a requirement, acknowledge it, and let your employees know you will get through it together. When a customer poses a challenge that you are unsure how to handle, be truthful about it, and let them know that you will find an answer for them in a timely fashion. Let them know when they can expect to hear back from you, and follow through—that way there are no unmet expectations. 

4. It’s online training and _______.

Other types of customer service training are just as valuable as online training, too. Be sure to pair online learning with other things like in-person team meetings, workshops, seminars, and whatever else you think would help your team learn and grow. A customer service workshop could include customer service training videos, research topics on customer care, and a list of customer service training programs near me to be taken over the first 90 days of employment. All of this goes a long way to provide the best customer service training for your employees. Check out this list of customer service training companies and corporate LMSs for further ideas!

Your employees are your brand

Play the long game with your customer service training. Whether you are recruiting employees or customers, make it your goal to play for keeps. The training program you implement builds your brand, and let’s face it, your employees are your brand. So, make them your most valued asset by investing in their well-being, and tasking them with the company mission. 


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