How Deluxe Partners with Lessonly Services to Enable Their Sales Reps

Pivoting from working face-to-face to fully working remotely as a sales team isn’t possible without great tools that keep everyone engaged, enabled, and empowered to do their best work. We had the privilege of talking with our customer, friend, and 15 year sales enablement expert, Megan Friedrich, from Deluxe about this very topic. Deluxe is a business technology company headquartered in Minneapolis that’s dedicated to providing tech-enabled solutions to help enterprises, small businesses and financial institutions deepen their customer relationships and thrive.

Megan is the Senior Sales Productivity Leader there, so in this season of remote work, she’s been tasked with the heavy burden of shifting gears and aligning her team in new ways. Thankfully, many hands make light work, and she’s leaning on us here at Lessonly to help with the transition for her team. And she told our Customer Marketing Manager, Karlie, all about it! 

Here’s their conversation and some highlights:

1. Show grace. 

At Deluxe, reps are used to flying all over the country for in-person meetings with their customers and prospects. Virtual meetings are a whole different ball game, and people have varying levels of comfort with them. Megan advises us all to be gracious with everyone and meet people where they are right now. Reps feel heard and valued when their leaders and coaches acknowledge that this transition feels easy for some and really scary for others.

2. Overcommunication? No such thing.

This isn’t news anymore, but it’s worth saying because it’s just that important. Sales teams that want to stay aligned need to communicate early and often about deals, challenges, and needs from others on the team. People from the Deluxe team have been reaching out asking for ways to be better facilitators, listeners, question askers, and virtual presenters. Megan has been able to hear those needs and meet them with Lessonly. (More on this in point #4!)

3. Team up with Lessonly Services.

In this season of remote work, Lessonly’s Services Team is coming in handy for lots of teams. Their area of expertise is transitioning existing content into lessons and roadmapping training programs that work well for both sales enablement leaders and reps. Deluxe has been using the Services team for content creation during this time to scale the pace at which lessons are shipped to reps. The result? By creating short, engaging lessons, Megan’s team is now browsing the library more and taking lessons as they see fit for themselves. They’re sharpening their sales skills—like call planning, addressing yellow lights, and honing competencies—and it only takes 5 minutes at a time.

4. Leverage Practice to sharpen skills. 

Megan has been developing lessons to enable the sales managers at Deluxe to leverage Practice on their teams. The feedback she’s already getting on the value of Practice is astounding. Managers and reps love the ability to use video and audio recording to practice pitches and exchange feedback. Working remotely feels way more personal when there are still digital face-to-face interactions in Lessonly.

5. Scale your communications with Lessonly. 

People need a place to go to see the most up-to-date company and team information, especially right now. Megan communicates updates and helpful resources to 250+ field sales reps all at once with Lessonly’s help. And, all of the information she assigns is permanently housed in the learning library for simple reference in the future.

Let’s Do Better Remote Work, together.

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