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One of a manager’s most difficult and important responsibilities is evaluating and providing honest feedback and clarification to employees during performance reviews. Effectively communicating what your employees have done and where they can improve is key.

Being able to handle your performance appraisals confidently and successfully will make reviews be a breeze. No matter what size your organization is, here are some helpful tips to remember for performance review time:

Let it be known

Unfortunately, most managers leave employees blindsided when it comes to reviews. Abruptly announcing a review will never be effective for the manager or employee. To have an effective review, you should prepare for the review as well as have the employee do so.

Encourage prep

Give employees ample time to prepare for the review. Let the employee know how they will be evaluated and what to expect. The employee should know what you expect to get out of the review as the manager and what you hope they will take away from the experience. You can even ask them to prepare by writing what work accomplishments the employee is proud of before the meeting. This will give a positive tone going into the evaluation.

Keep listening

The majority of managers see performance reviews as one-way conversations. A conversation takes listening. The employer might not know the job better than the employee who works everyday.

Performance reviews should be two-way conversations. The employee should be just as engaged in the review process as the manager. The employee understands themselves better than you do. Have the employee compare one’s review to yours. If there is a difference, ask the employee why. Getting the employee’s feedback, opens managers eyes to things they may not know.

Be real

The last thing employees need is to be sugarcoated. Going easy on your employees will decrease their drive to improve. Also, being unrealistic with employees will make the worker oblivious to how they are really doing in their role.

Look ahead

Encourage your employees to take the conversation and see how they can build off of it for the future. In the areas they are excelling at, let them know how you see this benefitting your company for the future. If there is a performance problem, do not spend the whole time focusing on the problem. Get them thinking about how they can change for the future.

Need help with your performance reviews? We’ve got you! Learn more about what to say and do when writing performance reviews.

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