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Happy Customer Service Week 2015!

Calling all heroes, we made it another year! We’re back for Customer Service Week 2015. This year’s Customer Service Week theme is “Everyday Heroes.”

At Lessonly, serving customers is our top priority, and you likely feel the same way. While we’re passionate about helping our own customers, we’re also passionate about helping you help yours. We like to be the everyday hero that helps the other people lace up their boots and tie on their capes.

Take a few minutes this week and show your customer service representatives how much you appreciate them. Here are some customer service week ideas for call centers and others to say, “Thank you,” for Customer Service Week 2015:

Customer Service Week 2015 Ideas

Play Some Games

Your customer service team has likely been grinding for a long time. Take some time this week to run through some customer service games to revitalize the team. It can be nice to take a break from the day-to-day and bond with your teammates.

Costume Day

The theme is Everyday Heroes. This year’s customer service week is begging for a costume day. Let your customer service representatives dress up as their favorite superhero. You will also find out who the biggest nerds in the office are. As a nerd, I use the term for endearment. I hope you embrace the quirkiness and you say “That’s an amazing Black Panther costume,” instead of “Give me your lunch money.”

Superhero Clips

You could also have a clip of the day from favorite superhero movies to motivate your employees to keep being the everyday heroes they are. There’s just something about seeing a clip from The Avengers that makes me want to help people. When your customers call in for help with a seemingly difficult problem, they will think back to when The Hulk took on Loki. You can even have a customer service Hero of the Day in which you and the team member dramatically reenact a customer service interaction. Have the representative explain the situation resolved the previous day and give them a key to the city — or something like that.

Change the Names

Consider changing up team names in honor of the customer service week theme. You probably don’t want to go with something like, “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants,” but name them after superheroes, and award some movie tickets to the winning team members.

Customer Service Cookout

If you have access to a grill at your building, fire it up and cook up some burgers and hot dogs for the team. If you can’t cook, pick up the tab for lunch. It shows your representatives that you do value them and it offers a sense of camaraderie and familiarity to the whole company.

How do you plan on showing your appreciation and celebrating for Customer Service Week? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @lessonlyapp.

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