Habits & Systems: They’re Everywhere, Even In Your Sales Enablement Platform

Systems are a beautiful thing. To say I’m slightly obsessed with them would be a massive understatement.

In High Performance Habits, Brendon Buchard words perfectly that “[s]ystems are what separate the pro from the novice, and science from armchair philosophy. Without systems, you cannot test hypotheses, track progress, or repeatedly deliver exceptional results. In personal and professional development, these systems and procedures are, ultimately, habits.”

Read that quote a couple more times; “Without systems, you cannot test hypotheses, track progress, or repeatedly deliver exceptional results.” Or even the very last word of the whole quote: habits.

Systems are habits. Like Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.”

Whether you realize it or not, your daily life is made up of systems, for better or for worse. Your wake up time, workout routine, what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, hours watching television, screen time, your company’s business model, the list goes on and on. Of course, there’s a few anomalies here and there, a couple days that break the cycle, but if we could shake a magical snow globe and peer into any random week, we’d probably find you following a similar schedule.

Systems and habits are good

As pointed out above, these systems are good, because they allow you to examine your daily routine and find where improvements need to be made. This is where New Year’s resolutions stem from (and hopefully the improvements are actually being made).

Sales enablement technology can work for you in much of the same way. Sales has a strong “science” component to it, and for this reason, among many other things, it can be studied for patterns. Sales tools and techniques span far and wide, the key is identifying your process and constantly tweaking it to make it better.

Your sales enablement plan or sales enablement strategy is your customized approach to preparing your reps for going to market. You can have a gut-feel for each sales rep and their strengths and weaknesses, but how do you prove that with data?  

Use data and ask questions

While we’re discussing the topic of systems, there are many “systems” within your sales team: Your onboarding process and your sales process are probably the two that come to mind first.  

Let’s start with onboarding. How long is your onboarding process? If I’m joining the team on Monday, how long until I’m meeting with customers? What about products? Pricing? Renewals? Upsells? Building out a territory? Tech stack? These are all questions that your newly-hired reps will be working to understand before they are off to the races.

But where are the gaps in your onboarding process? Is the process taking too long? Or going the other way, do reps need more practice before given the greenlight to talk with prospects?

Sales enablement software allows you to identify and correct these gaps in real time. Not only does it allow teams to see an overview of how sales reps are performing with learning content, they can also grade them on their mock call scenarios and fine-tune their approach before that first customer call.

Finding and addressing roadblocks

With sales management tools, you can find roadblocks in your onboarding process. But, your sales enablement programs can go to even another level.

How do we coach our sales reps on individual abilities? How does a sales enablement platform help track sales performance?

At Lessonly, that’s become a simple answer: Skills.

Shameless plug, here we come

With the Lessonly Skills add-on, you can document the skills needed for success in each role within your company, and evaluate each rep’s performance based on reflection, observation, and KPIs. Skills allows you to identify opportunities for coaching and development, and to recommend rep-specific content. Finally, you can create coaching plans to track progress and develop your teammates.

To bring it home, sales software  that focuses on sales training is everywhere now. There is a ton of noise in this industry. So, find the sales management tools that build your system, and the ability to course-correct in real time.  

Your sales representatives will (and should ) be in constant growth mode. Build a sales enablement framework that can follow and speed up that growth. If your processes are already in place, that’s great! Stay ahead of your changing pricing, products, and standard operating procedures. A/B test things, get feedback from your reps, and continually adapt the system.

Final thoughts

Much like all the routines you see in your daily life, from your workout routine or your television schedule, your sales onboarding and sales methodology practices are routines. It is something that your reps repeatedly do.  

Your sales enablement platform can allow you to do this even better because you can actually track their progress, identify knowledge gaps, and address them with personalized coaching, right in their moment of need. 


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