Getting Started with Employee Performance Evaluation Phrases

Performance evaluation phrases can completely change the environment of a performance review. When you evaluate your employees in the typical way of only telling them what they are doing wrong, they can get discouraged easily. However, when you use positive employee performance evaluation phrases, your employees will be inspired and motivated to conquer the next month, quarter, or year depending on how often you review your employees.

Getting started with employee performance evaluation phrases can seem daunting. Completely changing the way you give feedback is hard. We get so complacent with how reviews are used to working that shifting the polarity of the atmosphere only comes after practice, trial and error, and feedback.


First, you need to practice. You likely will go through two stages of practice. The first stage, you should write out phrases you can truly hear yourself saying. After you finish writing them down, practice in the mirror. If it seems fake to you, change it. Performance evaluation phrases are to help you keep your employees inspired, not to change your personality.

Next, pull another manager that knows you well aside and ask them to walk through a performance review with you. If they think your phrases aren’t your personality, change them again. It might seem like an endless cycle of trying to improve your phrasing. To be clear, your phrases aren’t going to be the same for every employee or for every performance review. Eventually, you will grasp the flow of performance review phrases and you won’t have to have them written down; this is just for practice.

Trial and error

Once you have decided on ones you like and have memorized them, try them out in your first performance review. Watch the way your employees react and make notes. They may seem confused about what you are saying. If they are confused, you need to change your sentence structure. Confusion does not help anything in this process. Being vague and ambiguous is not ideal. If your employees ever have the same head-turn as the dog above, switch it up. Be honest, but keep things positive.


The most important thing to do is get some feedback from your employees. What do people think about this process compared to the old style of reviews? If they leave uninspired and still feel dejected, you missed the mark. But, if they love it and are ready for the next one, you did it! Your employees should want reviews so you and your team can stay on the same page and continue to dominate the competition.

Using performance evaluation phrases won’t be easy for everyone. Leave us some comments about problems you may have experienced in your integration of performance review phrases and how you overcame them.

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