Getting Started with an Online Training Development Software

So you need online training software. You’ve come to the right place. You may have even been searching for a guide on how to develop online training modules, lessons or even how to develop online training courses. I have a pleasant surprise for you. With Lessonly, if you can write an email you can build a lesson. You no longer have to worry about how to make the font bigger or how to change it away from Comic-Sans.

Online training development tools

To truly become an online training development software master, ninja, wizard, hero, or whatever your preferred heroic archetype role you choose, you have to first familiarize yourself with the tools of your online training development software.

When you fully immerse yourself in the tools, you can evaluate lessons from a learner and admin perspective and see what works. Consider asking for feedback after your lessons are over to continuously improve your learning content. Updating lessons should be a breeze, and you should be able to turn it over and share responsibilities with managers, or even those witty creatives around the office.

Online training development companies

There are a ton of online training development companies to choose from. While evaluating, first choose features that you want and need, and then try out some lessons for yourself. If you are working through a free trial of any software, be sure to look at it from both sides of the table. Creating lessons easily is very important, but if the content is not engaging to your learners, it is virtually useless. Lessonly easily integrates GIFs, videos, and questions within lessons to keep your learners engaged.

Having a great admin experience is important, but our software is learner-focused. Your learners should get excited when they receive an invitation or assignment of a lesson in their inbox. The collective groan of an LMS assignment is a thing of the past with Lessonly.

Exercising roles

Creating all of a company’s training can be an overwhelming task. Creating a lesson on sales when the last thing you sold was a tin of Boy Scout popcorn to your parents may not be best for your sales team. But, when a manager who has been successfully selling your product for years can easily jump into your LMS and begin training their team, you are destined for success.

Sending out a lesson on how to build or revise a lesson to creators isn’t really practical. It shouldn’t take 40 minutes just to learn how to build. Instead, with an intuitive platform, anyone can jump in and begin creating great content customized to their team.

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