Get Back to Basics with a Call Center Training Manual

Your customer service employees should have a reviewable resource available to them at all times. One common way to set up that resource is with a call center training manual. New employees will have access to this document throughout their time of employment from their first day to their retirement, so it’s important to nail it. Of course, you can update these things in time, but your mission and vision should stay relatively consistent.

Here are our tips for keeping your customer service reps motivated through your mission and vision statements.


Your mission in your call center training manual should be the overall mission of the company. What is your company doing and how are your customer service representatives going to help get you there? You don’t need to adapt your standard mission statement to customer service, but if you prioritize customer relationships, you should consider including a few words in your mission statement.

If you want your staff to be known for being helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly, list those descriptors in your mission statement. It may seem like common knowledge that you want your staff to be friendly and knowledgeable, but putting it into a mission statement can emphasize the importance to your team, especially if you are plastering your mission statement on the wall or in email signatures.


A vision is what a company is seeing itself become for the future. So, if your company is still relatively small, this could change a few times before you chisel it in the cornerstone. If your vision is going to be achieved only through great customer service, be sure to state that. Many Fortune 500 mission statements revolve around the customer. It’s imperative to remember that no matter how big your company gets, the customer is still the priority.

The vision and mission statements are a great place to keep inspiration and motivation for your team. You can easily get lost in all of the day-to-day or the data-day–heh–but a reminder like a vision truly reminds you why you do what you do. These sections can contain customer success stories that become more awesome each time the document is updated or even what your company has accomplished in the past.

If you think your customer service training doesn’t meet qualifications to reach your vision, we can help. Try out our interactive, easy, and fun training software here.

Let the dog above be a reference for what happens when you forget to complete a vision statement.

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