From Hollywood Hills to Software Sales: How Better Sales Coaching and Training Transformed My Career

For many people the question, “What do you want to do in life?” is one that they may never know the answer to. For others, it almost seems as though they’re born with this answer. And some seem to be lucky enough to fall into a job that just works. My story falls into both the first and later category as I left college with ambitions of working in TV. I didn’t know how I’d fit into the glamorous industry, if I’d be on screen, behind a camera, or doing something completely different, but I quickly found a place selling advertising after wanting to help local businesses owners improve their impact on the community—and thus fell into a life of sales. 

From a fire hose to time-to-go

As many can relate, at first I felt like I was drinking out of a fire hose. I was just learning everything I could and soaking up every bit of experience and knowledge I could glean from my initial sales training. However, over time, I started to become stressed, missed revenue goals, and ultimately became depressed. I couldn’t understand why I was in such a rut. Ultimately, the elementary sales training programs that were being offered to me just weren’t living up to par or helping me improve my skills. It was from this realization that I knew I had to look for a job that would support my passion for sales, while giving me the tools to develop my skills.

Fast forward

Fast forward seven months of interviewing and I landed a job at a company that was listed as one of the best places to work in the state and that actually sold sales coaching tools and sales management training that’s specifically designed with learners in mind. After going through onboarding, I immediately knew I had found a place that supported me and my sales dreams in such a way that there was no question as to if I was going to be successful. Two and a half years later, and I’m still with the same great company and have new dreams of helping develop those who have been in a similar position to myself early on in their careers, and ensuring they have the support and development they need to be successful. This put me on a new journey of development: sales coaching training.

I started down this path being encouraged by my own manager in our one-on-one sales coaching sessions to follow my dreams of helping those who started their careers on a similar journey. I’d work side-by-side with my manager to analyze sales coaching models and develop my own sales coaching template for success. This eventually led to an exciting opportunity to apply for a manager position which offered me the opportunity to highlight all my ideas, strategy, and career development from when I first started with the company. It also gave me the opportunity to reflect on how far I’ve truly come in my eight year career and appreciate all the mistakes and lessons I’ve learned. 

What kind of coach are you?

When I think about how to become a sales coach, I would first encourage you to look at your own strengths and analyze how those fit into the type of coach and leader you want to be. From there, I’d encourage you to think about getting a personal sales coach that you can learn from to bounce ideas off one another, share vulnerabilities, figure out how often to do sales coaching, ask questions, and iterate on thought-processes so you can become a professional sales coach and help develop those who are looking to grow and get better everyday. The opportunity to take the skills I’ve developed and pass them along has helped shape my dream of wanting to become a sales manager, and ultimately, it’s transformed my career.

Sales coaching breeds hope, commitment, and development

By having a clear path and understanding of what I want to do now, it’s given me purpose, meaning, and drive to go out and learn something new every day and be successful. It internally has started a fire, a passion, a desire for leading and giving back. Had it not been for all the lessons I’ve learned from my previous managers, I wouldn’t be where I am today and wouldn’t be nearly as successful. 

I want to give other sales professionals this same sort of hope, commitment, and development, so that someday they can look back and share a story of how I helped shape their career and life. That’s ultimately my goal and dream: to inspire others to achieve their dreams and reach their goals, so that they can go on to inspire the generation after them. It’s through this snowball effect of positively impacting each other’s lives that I hope we can continually shape our future for the better. And as impossibly distant as this goal and future may seem, I know it simply starts with me. And it starts with you, too. With your commitment to get better, to do better work, to develop your skills, and to find a purpose in what you do every day. Here’s to wishing you the best of luck along your own journey and may you continually aspire to be a lifelong learner and coach.


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