New Feature: Free Response Prompts

Quantitative feedback is great, and we’ve had that base covered for awhile now with true/false and multiple-choice questions. Today, we are debuting Lessonly’s first mechanism for qualitative feedback:

Say hello to Free-Response Prompts.

You can start using Free-Response Prompts right now by hopping into Lessonly’s authoring tool, creating a new question, and simply leaving the answer field blank. Lessonly will automatically recognize your prompt as open-ended, and you’ll be all set.

Want some ideas for using this feature? Good, because have a few:

  • General feedback (e.g., Is there anything you’d like clarification on?)
  • Business goals (e.g. Here are our goals for Q1 2014. What are the biggest risks to hitting those targets?)
  • Rorschach tests (e.g., What do you see in this picture?)
  • Getting feedback on the quality of the lesson (e.g., Did you understand this lesson?)
  • Employee feedback (e.g., Tell me about your relationship with your boss.)
  • Emotion grading (e.g., How does X make you feel?)
  • Experience feedback (e.g., What did you think of service Y?)
  • Root-cause analysis brainstorming (e.g., What could we have done better in this situation?)
  • Customer development and prospecting (e.g., How do you think this feature will work? What are the 3 most important things you would use this service for right now?)

Much love,

Max at Lessonly

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