Flexibility: Why One of the Great Benefits of Online Learning Matters Now Like It Never Used To

Today, in December of 2020, flexibility is something I’m hearing about daily. We’re talking about it more than ever before at Lessonly specifically, and I think a lot of that is due to flexibility in learning becoming one of the key benefits of online learning for adults

In all seriousness, flexibility is important for most companies, especially right now. But, there’s still some stigma around the negative aspects of online education (like boring modules, videos from 2002, etc.) that we all need to consider when we’re looking for the right solution. If you’re in the market for an online learning software, you’re in the right place to learn. Some initial things I’d encourage you to consider are…

  • Learner speed to consume learning
  • Learner access to information they need in a moment’s notice
  • Ease for training leaders to make adjustments on the fly. 

If any of these are slowing you down, it might be the right time to take a look at Lessonly. I’m biased obviously, but you can learn more here if you’d like.

Training ≠ doing someone else a favor

One thing to clarify, online learning is not just logging into a platform and completing a task for your training or enablement team. When it’s designed correctly, it’s helpful and informative and puts you in the best position to be successful at your job. The benefits of online learning for adults really only shine through when that online learning is first built with intentionality.

A question to highlight related to disadvantages is this: “Is it a good strategy to ask that employees sit down for periods of 30+ minutes to consume learning?”

Some may say yes, but if you ask anyone who’s sitting on Zoom all day long, working in a customer-facing role, or contributing in any way to a revenue generating team, the last thing they want to do is consume learning that may or may not be relevant to their day-to-day job. Can I get an amen? This is the challenge most training leaders face. It’s why online classes are not effective (or at least they don’t normally feel effective). One of the main benefits of online teaching and learning is flexibility. Which I have a story about if you decide to keep reading.

An adventure, thanks to flexibility

With this in mind, I want to give you a glimpse of a little adventure my wife and I took last year that made me so grateful for the company I work at and why online learning is GOOD. We were fortunate enough to take 10 days and head on a campervan trip starting in Colorado, traveling through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and finally ending back where we started. Over this adventure we saw the Great Sand Dunes of CO, the Grand Canyon, Lower Antelope Canyon, Vegas “baby,” dear friends of ours, Zion National Park, Park City for a ski day, and finally wrapped it up at some amazing hot springs in Glenwood Springs, CO.

It was such an amazing adventure, and it never would’ve happened without me having access to key information that allows me to not skip a beat at work. I worked through this trip and had access to important details even in the most remote locations with epic views. I could keep my sales skills sharp with practice. I could access all past training I had completed if I needed a refresher on what our latest discounting policy is or what next month’s product launch will be. This is one of the reasons why online learning is good. And if all of those parks and views aren’t 13 great benefits of online learning, then I’m not sure what would be.


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