fighting fires with sales readiness tools

Fighting Fires: How Sales Readiness Software Equips Frontline Reps to Handle Just About Anything

We’ve all heard the business jargon that makes our skin crawl. We’re circling back, drinking the kool-aid, grabbing the low-hanging fruit—the list goes on. For me? The real cringeworthy culprit is “fighting fires.” 

In the corporate world, “fighting fires” is used to describe an unhealthy level of chaos or reactivity, one where teammates deal with urgent tasks and minor emergencies rather than longer-term, strategic work. It’s no fun in the moment, and it’s really no fun in the long-term, particularly for frontline reps. 

If “fighting fires” sounds a little too familiar, it’s time to bring in the big (water) guns. And in this case, the water guns are sales readiness tools.  

Fighting the right fires, the right way 

To actually stop a fire, you need to eliminate its essential elements—fuel, heat, and oxygen. In a similar way, any sales coaching and training program worth its salt addresses the essential elements responsible for dysfunction in a sales org. Alignment on values, a thorough understanding of product knowledge, agreement on processes and why they matter—these are just a few essential elements that make up a sales culture. 

In the SaaS sales training biz, we use the umbrella term sales readiness to describe a rep’s overall state of competence, confidence, and preparedness towards those “essential elements.” A sales-ready rep can fight the little fires that pop up around them more efficiently—discerning what’s strategically important and what might not matter in the grand scheme of things. 

How sales ready is your organization? 

Let’s take a pulse check with a sales readiness checklist of sorts to gauge whether or not your frontline reps are ready for wildfires, or whatever the job throws at them. 

  • Can your frontline reps articulate your organization’s sales strategy?
  • Do they understand the target customers and verticals? 
  • Can your reps articulate your organization’s value proposition at the drop of a hat? 
  • Do they understand and follow the sales process? Can they articulate why it matters? 
  • Do your reps use the sales tools available to them?  
  • Are they aware of both individual and organizational goals? Do the goals matter to them? 
  • Are your frontline reps developing their sales skills over time? 
  • Do your managers follow a sales management program? Do they take interest in sales management training?

If you answered yes to a majority of these questions, congrats! You’re well on your way to sales readiness. If not, have no fear. That’s what sales training tools are for. 

4 benefits of using a sales readiness platform to equip frontline reps

1. Clarity on the insights that ignite 

The right sales readiness software can provide you with valuable insights and metrics to use to improve your training content, and ultimately, your sales culture. You can identify and address potential weaknesses in your program, narrow in on gaps that you notice company-wide, and track individual employee progress. That way, managers can intentionally spend their time coaching and training the individuals who need it most—a level of insight that even the best sales management training can’t provide. Let the sparks of inspiration fly! 

2. Higher rep engagement and retention

Frontline reps are more likely to be engaged in their work when they feel like they’re receiving the proper training, tools, and resources they need to be successful. When you go beyond the basics and include personalized sales coaching and training, you’re showing your employees first-hand that you’re invested in their success. 

3. More practice = more profit 

One of the most powerful tools in a sales org’s pocket is practice. Simply put, practice translates into revenue. But most frontline reps won’t take the time to practice without purpose—sales training software gives them the place to make meaningful gains towards their goals, even without dedicated training days. A customer of ours saw a 75% increase in sales with better first call, demo, and negotiation practice. Case in point.

4. Reduced ramp time 

The best sales training platforms don’t just train your team better, but also they train them faster. With on-demand lessons, practice exercises, and assessments, teams can hone their skills and learn so much faster. Take Lessonly, for example. We help frontline teams ramp reps 62% faster, so you reap the benefits of having that teammate onboard sooner rather than later. 

Get Your Reps Sales-Ready with Lessonly 

Lessonly is a powerfully simple training and coaching software that gives you all of the benefits of the best sales readiness software, and more. Book a short-and-sweet demo with one of our teammates today to learn more.

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