Fastpass Your New Hire to the Front with An Employee Onboarding Checklist

One of the greatest things about Walt Disney World is the Fastpass. Disney’s Fastpass is a virtual queuing system that allows customers to reserve access to the park’s attractions in advance. Visitors do not have to waste hours waiting in line for their favorite ride. By planning ahead and getting their Fastpass, the guest saves time and gets to jump straight to the front of the line. No frustration and wasted time – except for the people in the back of the line.

Applying this concept to a business and more specifically an onboarding process might seem like a stretch, but stick with us. An employee onboarding checklist is the Fastpass to success in the company for a new hire. It allows new hires to save time from confusion and discouragement. By going through an onboarding process, employees can jump into getting comfortable and loving their job.

Organizations that have their new hires go through a standard onboarding process experience greater new hire productivity. Employees who participate in an onboarding orientation program are 69 percent more likely to remain at the company up to three years.

Why Does Disney Love the Fastpass?

Extra revenue for people who are willing to pay a little more. When Disney issues a Fastpass to a customer, they reap the marginal revenue that customer is willing to pay. Your new hires are excited to get up to speed and hop on the metaphorical teacups of excelling in their role. Similar to the employees sticking around when they have an efficient and enjoyable experience, Disney patrons who experience the fast lane likely make a regular return visit.

Why Do People Buy the Fastpass?

More time spent doing and less time waiting. When you can get your new hires up to speed faster than you did previously, your business and your new hires are happier. They aren’t spending time learning how to be efficient in their role and you aren’t having to spend time training each individual.

A checklist is the most effective way to keep your onboarding process consistent and gives you a plan to make sure your new hire is properly trained in all areas. Following an employee onboarding checklist will allow your employees to fly straight to fun. Take a look at our sample new employee checklist download to see how you can customize your own template and begin building your own onboarding checklist.

Do not let your new hires waste time waiting in line. Create an employee onboarding checklist as their Fastpass to success. Take them straight to the front and get them enjoying the fun ride in your company.

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