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Example of Great Customer Service to Keep Your Employees Smiling

When you experience great customer service, you can’t help but leave the store smiling. You may even tell your friends or blog about it. However, some businesses don’t rejoice in their own service. There’s an old saying in Tennessee — it’s in Texas, I’m pretty sure it’s in Tennessee. The saying goes “It’s better to give than to receive.” That saying was about customer service. So, when your customer service representatives drop the phone and both sides of the phone are very satisfied, why not share it with the team?

Increase Morale

When you share news of great customer service with your team, it can reenergize the team and let them know they are doing a great service to the world. As a customer service representative, when most of your calls are negative or complaining, it’s good to know that other people are getting the occasional “thank you,” instead of just complaints.

It also can help people who do not have direct contact with customers understand how the customers are using their product. For example, we share great customer service examples with the whole team and everyone loves them from development to marketing. Although neither of those teams gets to interact with customers or prospects on a daily basis, they still love hearing great things about our customers and our relationships with them.

Take Pride

When your representatives get off the phone with a customer that had a funny anecdote or even just an amass of compliments, share them with everyone! Your entire team should be able to smile at customers’ successes with your product. When representatives take pride in their work, they are more eager to help customers resolve their issues rather than just trying to answer the most calls in a day. Your customer service should be customer-centric not based solely on metrics.

By sharing an example of great customer service, you may also be able to help others with similar problems. If there is a confusing issue or bug happening with your product or service, your business might get a lot of calls regarding it that day. When a veteran representative shares his or her insights with the rest of the team, it can help the rookies out with how to resolve it.

We use our company chat to share most of our examples, but every now and then I’ll share them in our weekly meetings. Start sharing your examples of great customer service today and start taking more pride in everyone’s efforts.

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