Evaluating the Best Online Training Software

Best. It’s a pretty objective term. In reality, the best online training software for you might not be the best for me. In that regard, the word itself “best” is quite subjective. We have some suggestions on what the decision and evaluation process should be for evaluating the best online training software.


You may already have an idea in your head about what the best online training software even looks like before your first free trial begins. You may know your needs or wants: text, images, varying question types, an easy to read gradebook, analytics, and SSO. If that is the case, congratulations! You’ve already made significant strides toward finding the best online training software for you.

If not, don’t fret. You can find our buyer’s guide to training software here. There, you will be able to distinguish between wants, needs, and irrelevancies. Knowing what you want before moving forward will help you and any team you talk to in facilitating the demo processes.


Do you need your content to be compliant with anything else? If your company has been stuck in the SCORM days for years, you may not be ready to run away to a new learning platform. Sticking with SCORM is great for teams with a dedicated support person and plentiful funds to provide a salary to a dedicated engineer for learning.

Ease of Use

Without a dedicated engineer,  you may want multiple people to be able to create lessons quickly and easily. In that case, have a few different people sign up for a free trial and see if they can build a simple lesson – it can even be about themselves. If multiple people of varying skill level find your platform easy to use, it likely will go a long way in your company.

When your sales manager can quickly update a sales lesson and your marketing director can make a few tweaks to a course, your learning platform has no bounds.


Often overlooked, support can be a deciding factor in finding the best online training software for you. Understanding new features, where they will be, how to access them, and best practices can sometimes be hard to find. However, when you have a dedicated support representative, answers to all of those questions are a phone call or a chat message away.


If you are considering multiple people being lesson-builders, there is a high chance you don’t want all of them being administrators. They don’t need to be able to add and remove users if you just want them to edit a lesson for grammar. With varying roles, you can place each person of your company into a different category to give just the right amount of permission.

Good luck on your search for the best online training software! If there is anything we can do to help guide you, let us know at info@lessonly.com.

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