Enable Support Acceleration with Jira Service Desk, Confluence, and Slack

This post was published prior to Lessonly’s acquisition of Obie. To learn more about Lessonly Knowledge, which was previously known as Obie, click here.

A fully-integrated experience for internal support teams to accelerate support, deflect tickets and reduce time to resolution.

In the modern workplace, it can be difficult to understand which IT help desk best practices are right for your growing organization. As the adoption of Slack grows, everyone can collaborate and communicate more efficiently. Unfortunately, this starts to pose new challenges for organizations who adopt these tools. It’s human nature for people to choose the path of least resistance—the amount of internal issues that are raised in the company #IT-help channel is growing rapidly and it’s likely that your DM’s are beginning to light up like a Christmas tree with repetitive questions.

In fact, our friends at Spoke surveyed hundreds of service desks and found that when employees are given the option, people will submit 70% of their requests through Slack.

The Basics of Accelerating Support for Slack Teams

The ITSM stack you might already have

One of the prerequisites to overcoming these frequent interruptions and, one hell of an unproductive process, is to build an internal FAQ system and a company knowledge base. Perhaps, by leveraging the power of Confluence. Yet, even the most proactive companies, with the most organized information still only enable the small, more informed percentage of colleagues to check the knowledge base first, before asking questions. I know—with all of the time spent building an internal knowledge base you expected that your colleagues would spend more time trying to help themselves with those beautifully organized Confluence Spaces.

Building a scalable internal support system requires you to have a service desk—in one way, shape or form. If you’re thinking about or already using Confluence for your internal knowledge base, chances are you’re familiar with Jira Service Desk. With the Jira ticketing system you are enabling a self-serve portal for employees to raise internal requests.

Still, you’re still having nightmares of the infamous “knock brush” sound from Slack notifications because well, changing behavior is quite difficult.

Accelerating Support: 2020 Style

This is a recurring story we have heard over the last few years. We’ve seen thousands of teams use Obie (now known as Lessonly Knowledge) for different use-cases, but we have seen a large opportunity to add value for internal support teams, specifically. 

IT teams and organizations of all sizes already use Knowledge to make their internal knowledge base more accessible at work. With this new workflow automation, IT teams can take it one step further than ticket deflection into full-blown IT service desk automation. 

Automatically resolve workplace requests

Have Knowledge suggest help desk articles from Confluence (or any knowledge base software) directly when questions are asked in Slack. Customize where documentation will appear across your Slack workspace so that everyone has access to only the most relevant and verified information. Confluence articles & FAQs are suggested when common questions are asked. 

Enable a Slack ticketing system

Allow internal customers to create a ticket with Knowledge routed directly to the Atlassian helpdesk. Agents can also create tickets on behalf of customers who, don’t..know how? 😏  Create Jira Service Desk tickets without leaving slack.

Streamline issue resolution

Obie can sync all updates and comments on a ticket to a thread in Slack. It’s important for agents to get what they need from customers to resolve issues faster and increase first call resolution, and the best way to do that is to bring the experience to the customer. Comments, status, and attachments are all under one Slack thread.

Automate teams

Having all of these systems independent of one another is no longer good enough in the modern workplace. With Obie, customers get faster support by enabling a Slack ticketing system as well as heightened visibility for issues across the org by having real-time status updates embedded in the Slack channels where issues originate. Live status updates from Jira Service Desk to Slack.


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