Empower Customer Support to Impact Satisfaction

Empower Customer Support to Increase Satisfaction

When you retain, educate, and engage great customer service teams, they produce the best results for your company’s bottom line. Studies show these best practices can help you develop an effective team.

Keep Your Reps In-House

Many companies take a common first step toward better customer service by outsourcing the job. A study shows that 34 percent of online retailers now depend on outsourced customer service teams not just for calls but also emails and live chat. Even with online customer service gaining popularity, a white paper from Zendesk shows that 79 percent of customers chose phone as their preferred customer support line.


While North American call centers can routinely cost 40 percent more than their overseas counterparts, they counter this discrepancy by handling 30 percent more calls throughout the day. Great customer service teams still include quality phone representatives to answer questions when needed.

Keep Your Reps Educated

But what good are answered questions unless they’re correct? In a 2008 report, E-Tailing Group found that only 77 percent of customer support reps correctly answered customer’s email questions. Companies need to encourage and educate their reps to respond to customer issues in a timely manner. However, Zendesk’s 2015 Q1 Benchmark shows the average number of live chat messages per chat influenced customer satisfaction more strongly than response times.

There’s a tendency for customer satisfaction to increase as more messages are exchanged between an agent and customer during the chat conversation.

The numbers show that customers prefer to engage in a more fulfilling and productive chat over getting an immediate response. Both of these skills require customer service reps who know their subjects.

Keep Your Reps Engaged

Hiring and aligning employees to a company’s mission and vision—or engaging employees—can produce tangible results when applied to customer service teams. A Temkin Group survey shows 75 percent of employees at leading customer service companies are engaged.

These employees are more committed to helping the company succeed and are willing to do something good for the company even if it’s not expected of them. Since great customer service drives brand and company loyalty, the benefits to engaging your customer support teams become obvious.

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