Using an Employee Onboarding Template in Childcare

Welcome Your Childcare Workers to the Team with an Employee Onboarding Template

If there’s one thing the world could learn from preschool schedules, it’s having more daytime naps. I miss those naps. I also miss the icebreakers that introduced us to the fellow kids, teachers, and employees we’d be spending our time with. These activities were key in getting us young kids to open up to people. Establishing a similar routine for the childcare workers themselves can be easily done by using an employee onboarding template — just with less games of telephone.

Keep it Short

The first step is simply having a plan to lead new employees as they get hired, but that doesn’t mean to be a huge undertaking. Having an onboarding template for new employees makes the process consistent for everyone being brought onto the team. If the process is long, involves a lot of boring paperwork, and is just generally dull, that employee’s work with the kids could easily suffer as a result. Overworked and exhausted child care employees is only the short-term result of excessive work at home. Lapses of knowledge in critical care topics and training leave gaps.

Keeping the need-to-know information short and sweet is the best way to get it to stick. A training software like Lessonly allows you to essentially create your own online courses for teachers to complete to educate them on how your childcare business operates.

Keep it Fun

Your incoming employees will be working with kids. Make your onboarding fun by incorporating personality, funny GIFs, and videos into the mix. There’s plenty of information that needs to be passed on to new hires, but in workplace where spilled apple juice and stolen toys are an everyday occurrence, there has to be a little bit of fun involved.

The ability to complete training at home, away from constant child care, is something that an online training software like Lessonly gives employees. Offering learning courses on mobile devices lets teachers and caregivers to finish their training on devices that they enjoy most. Cell phones, laptops, and tablets are only going to increase in usage, now’s the time to prepare for them. Lighthearted onboarding lessons give child care employees a break from their often stressful job, while still accomplishing something necessary.

Keep it Educational

Of course everyone needs to know where the afternoon snacks are located, but there are a few important pieces of information to be gained by an onboarding template. Emergency numbers, procedures, and other vital pieces of information should be included in any online classes put together for employee onboarding. Keeping the training fun and short are good tools to ensure employees remember the content, but if you don’t actually teach them anything, the onboarding hasn’t been as effective as it could be. Remember, onboarding is only the first step in effective training. When onboarding seamlessly transitions into ongoing training, employees perform at their best and service is better than ever.

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