4 Ideas for Employee Onboarding Activities

When bringing in a new hire, you don’t want to simply plunk them down in the middle of the job and leave them be. There is a learning process, so when an individual is placed into an unfamiliar environment, they are more likely to struggle and out of this struggle they can develop apathy towards the company and a strong distaste for their work. In fact, half of all senior outside hires fail within the first year and a half, most often because they are not properly integrated into the company. Of hourly workers, half are going to leave their job within the first four months.

While it is impossible to avoid all turnover, providing the right onboarding activities for new employee hires is essential as it sets them up for success, improves their ability to learn the work details, and simply put, helps them feel more comfortable with their new job.

1. Introduce the New Employees

Employees need to feel welcome when starting up. If an employee is not properly introduced to other employees they are going to feel a bit lost, and making introductions on their own to everyone at the office can be difficult. Of course, standing them in front of the office and parading them around can also make them feel uncomfortable, so having different onboarding activities is a must.

Throughout the first day or so, taking the new hire to the different departments to fill out paperwork and complete small tasks is a good idea. This allows them to interact with the other employees on a more personal level and they can communicate one-on-one, instead of to a large group.

2. Business Lunch

A business lunch with the employees the new hire is going to work with the most is a great way to integrate them into the group. The rest of the group is already going to have a professional connection with one another, so performing this activity allows everyone to get away from work for an hour or so and communicate with one another. Over a meal, conversation can stretch far beyond the walls of a profession, so people feel a bit more relaxed during a lunch together.

3. Job Shadow

Allowing the employee to work with another individual and shadow them for a few days is a good activity to help integrate them into the business. A trusted employee can help fill them in on their daily activities and help them along, should they have a problem. While they should still strive to complete some of their own work, having a specific individual around to help them whenever they need it can help show the new hire how to properly complete different tasks.

4. New Employees Together

If you bring in several new hires at the same time, have them all come in and fill out the necessary administrative paperwork together. This way, they can identify one another and know that they are all in the same boat. Knowing someone else is in their same position drastically helps with the comfort level.

Whether you decide to use one or all of these employee onboarding activities, be sure to be intentional with your new hires to see the fruits of your labor unfold over and over again.

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