The Embed Button

Good news, Lessonly Creators: the Embed button is here.

It works just like the Video button, but with new content types.

Embedding from Google Maps

Voila! beautifully embedded content, with just a couple clicks.
If you want to see a lesson will a bunch of examples, here’s one now! It is also embedded below.

  • Google Maps: Any location, beautifully displayed and constantly up to date
  • Your Blog: Grab a link to your last blog post and kick her in; should work like a charm!
  • Amazon: Recommend products that empower and help your learners
  • Github: Show and share your code!
  • Instagram: Image adding, simplified
  • Soundcloud: Talk to your learners; let them hear how you make cold calls and answer support requests
  • Wikipedia: All the knowledge in Wikipedia, now easily embedded
  • Prezi: Engaging presentations, coming to a learner near you
  • Spotify: Spice up a lesson with your favorite songs, or reference a hit to make a point stick
  • Giphy: The world’s largest library of animated GIFs, easily transported
  • Slideshare: No need to re-upload your doc; just grab the link
  • Speaker Deck: ^^
  • GigaOm: Embed any article
  • Vine: 15-second looping videos, coming at you
  • Storify: Reference an event with social context
  • NYTimes: Embed any article
  • TechCrunch: Embed any article
  • And, again, a bunch more here.
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