The Most Effective Training Plan Template

Plenty of schools of thought exist when creating or revising a training plan template. We gathered aggregate data on how our clients were using Lessonly and created the perfect training plan template for you to take back to your company to get your team running smoothly in the fast lane.


The first step in establishing your training plan is to segment your learners. Your marketing team doesn’t necessarily need to know every trick to closing every deal or your development style guide for CSS if they are just working with content. By classifying your learners into various groups, you ensure everyone is using their time efficiently and effectively.

Try segmenting your learners by departments for starters. You can then see how each department is doing on general lessons and see if you need to provide more product knowledge to your marketing team or more sales tips to your client success team based on business operations.

Set Goals

Establish an overall goal for each department to accomplish. Whether you want to move your conversion rate from 10% to 14% or have sales close their first $300,000 deal, you need to establish SMART goals that you can effectively measure throughout your training process to see how you can adapt and change your training to reach every goal.

Make an Action Plan

Once you have a goal, discuss with your team what it is going to take to get there. Whether they need more competitive advantage knowledge, updated general sales techniques, or product knowledge to improve their demo skills, make an action plan.

Divide and Conquer

After you know what it’s going to take to get there, you don’t have to take the burden all by yourself. Spread out the creative process amongst your team. Allow members of your team to teach the others what they know best. Whether you have a guy crushing demos or a cold email expert, constantly sharing knowledge internally is a great way to constantly improve and create a cooperative environment.


If you set SMART goals, you should already have a timeline, but when do you need lessons completed in order to go through your review process, grammar checks, evaluations and revamps so you can get them out to the team in time? Establish hard deadlines for your team so you can get moving on the quarter and knock your goals out of the park.

Curious about how our clients are tackling all of the obstacles of training? Check out our guide to building the most effective training plan template. Having trouble with all of your employees building lessons? Switch over to an easy-to-use learning automation program so you can manage your learning and not systems. Take a tour of Lessonly here.

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