Don’t Shrink Customer Service as Your Business Grows

When your business was first starting out, there’s a good chance that your commitment to customer service was what landed you your first clients. Now that your businesses is really beginning to take off, however, it’s important to keep that same focus on providing each and every customer with excellent service; otherwise, you run the risk of disappointing and losing some of your most loyal customers.

Of course, maintaining amazing customer service isn’t always easy when you’ve got other aspects of your company’s growth to focus on. Here are a few tips for making sure your quality of service doesn’t shrink as your business expands.

Train All Departments in Customer Service

As your business grows and you inevitably begin hiring more employees, it might make sense to have some employees’ job responsibilities dedicated to making the customer happy. These are your customer service representatives (CSRs), and while they’re certainly important to have, they shouldn’t be the only workers in your company that are specifically trained in customer service. Instead, all of your employees should be required to complete regular customer service training.

Make Sure You’re Properly Staffed

In many cases, a decrease in the quality of a company’s customer service is directly caused by a lack of staffing. While having just a couple of CSRs might have been adequate when your business just started off, you’ll need to make sure to expand your staff of CSRs as your client base grows. This will help to ensure that each of your customers is able to get the service he or she needs when he or she needs it.

Be Weary of Anything Automated

Finally, while replacing your friendly receptionist with an automated phone system might make financial sense, doing so isn’t going to help your quality of customer service. These days, clients need to feel valued by the companies with which they do business, and there’s nothing more off-putting than calling a customer service line with the expectation of speaking to a human being and being greeted with a machine.

In general, then, it’s best to stay away from:

  • automated phone systems
  • automated e-mail replies
  • signature stamps

As your business grows, there’s no denying the importance of maintaining excellent customer service. Be sure to keep these tips in mind so you can have the best chances of keeping your customers delighted and acquiring new ones in the future as well.

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