Don’t Forget This on Your New Employee Checklist

To prepare for your new employees, you may consider making a new employee checklist. Once you have made your employee checklist, you may review it and feel like you are missing something. It’s fun. You can’t neglect to put fun on your checklist. It may seem silly to write down ice breakers or activities for your new employees to bond, but it isn’t. Here are four reasons you need to remember fun in your new employee checklist.


When you leave room for fun in your onboarding process, your employees will thank you with engaging learning. Once you step away from classroom-style learning or even eLearning to do a fun activity, you come back with more energy and excitement to conquer the road ahead. If your learners never step away from their training, you can expect them to burn out before the first week is over.
Once your employees hit that stage, it’s hard to get them back. Skip your redemption stage and never get to the point where you need one by adding fun to your checklist.


Your new employees are going to be spending a lot of time together. It’s a small world, you may have a few employees that know each other to your surprise. But, many of your employees won’t know each other. When you give them the time to actually get to know each other, you establish a more collaborative and team-oriented environment.


To keep your employees for very long, they need to have fun at work. When you take some time for fun in the onboarding process, you show your true colors. Maybe you don’t want that culture. Maybe you want to spend thousands of dollars due to quick employee turnover as opposed to taking the time to create a fun culture.

My advice is to take some time to keep your employees engaged and feeling like they are on a team. If they sit in the back room next to a people they don’t even know, I can promise you they won’t stick around for long unless they are just there for a paycheck.


If your new employees have been out of work for a while or if they are fresh out of school, take some time to acclimate them to the work environment. They may be a little rusty on the idea of an 8-hour workday, so don’t fill their entire first days with work. When you add fun to the equation, it makes the day seem so much shorter.

Your employees will come back to training smiling and engaged. Add fun into your new employee checklist for your new employees’ and for your retention expenses’ sake.

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