Do Better Work: Improving Performance with QA and Training

Customer service continues to be a differentiator for companies—no matter the industry. If companies want to meet ever-changing customer expectations, they need a way to effectively train and coach agents to meet those expectations.

That’s why MaestroQA and Lessonly partnered together to help agents take their performance to a new level. 

While many companies recognize the importance of great customer service, managers are overwhelmed with the different processes, tools, and strategies that impact agent performance and the overall customer experience. Simply handing agents information won’t cut it. Instead, customer service leaders need to equip and empower their agents with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful. 

With the new Lessonly and MaestroQA integration, managers can better leverage the tools their agents live in every day to help them learn, hone their skills, and receive helpful feedback. This integration makes it easy to assess agent performance and drive reinforcement training in the moment so agents improve in areas they’re struggling and as a result, do better work. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Meet learners where they are

It’s important to maximize the impact of training by delivering it to agents in a way that’s convenient for them. Lessonly and MaestroQA integrate so managers can easily assign lessons created in Lessonly to agents within MaestroQA. Once managers identify what knowledge or skills an agent needs, they can send that person the right lesson and assign a due date for simple training tracking. 

Step 2: Reinforce skills with realistic practice scenarios 

Practice has always been important. When learning sports, music, or even how to drive, people spend hours practicing with other experts. However, it’s often overlooked when it comes to training, despite all of its benefits. When teams practice new skills before they interact with real customers, they retain that knowledge and can walk into every customer interaction feeling confident. Lessonly and MaestroQA’s integration lets managers see what’s going wrong in real-life phone, email, and chat scenarios, then suggest lessons that allow agents to practice their skills in a safe, low-stakes environment.

Step 3: Deliver personalized and specific feedback 

We think practice makes skills permanent, and then feedback makes perfect. A consistent cadence of coaching and feedback drives agent growth and performance over time. To ensure feedback is effective, it’s important to clearly specify what knowledge and actions will be evaluated. Managers can use the Lessonly and MaestroQA integration to identify the criteria, set expectations, and provide feedback to agents. Then, managers can continue the cycle of improvement by finding new opportunities for training and assigning additional lessons to individual agents or entire customer service teams. 

Build and scale your team’s development cycle with Lessonly and MaestroQA

Lessonly and MaestroQA’s integration is a one-stop-shop for agent improvement. First, managers identify areas where their teams are struggling. Then, they close this gap by enabling agents to learn, practice, and perform all within one, easy-to-use tool. The perfect combination of the right training that’s delivered at the right time drives better agent performance and results in happier customers time and time again. 

Why Every Team Needs Practice in Their Training Methods
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