7 Ways to Improve Distributing Your Employee Training Plan

When employees hear training seminar, they might respond with an eardrum-rupturing groan.

You don’t expect a cheer loud enough to shatter the windows, but it would be nice to get an intrigued and curious “oohs” similar to Keith Morrison on Dateline.

Create an employee training plan that is so exciting that your employees will not blow off the information. Making sure the employees are engaged and involved during the distribution of training information is vital to their success. Here are seven ways to make your employees enjoy the training plan:

Set the Foundation

Build strong content for your employees. Properly prepare the information the hires need to know. Do not repeat yourself. Make sure the information logically flows so employees will not get lost during training.


Plan socialization activities in your training to build a team environment. During training, give the employees time to build relationships with one another. Treat your employees to lunch and give them time to get to know each other. Everyone bonds over food!


Use multiple learning methods to present the information. Incorporate other media options like videos, quizzes, and hands-on activities for employees. Use stories and analogies to help your new hires learn and remember.


Employee engagement is vital. Make sure the events on the training schedule are not one-way listening sessions but two-way dialogue sessions. Give employees the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their ideas.


Add reward and incentives during training for your employees. Incorporate competitions and give prizes to top finishers. Everyone loves games. Encourage your employees on completion by giving certificates of completion at the end of each course.

Get Feedback

Get input from your new hires. Ask them their opinion about how they felt during the training process. Gain insight to their thoughts and learn if there was anything that they thought needed done differently. Check with your employees a few weeks later to see what was not covered in training that would have helped with job performance.


Revise the next new hire employee training to what worked best. Take your advice from the new hires and make adjustments. Develop a newer, better training plan that fits your company’s needs for corporate training.

Now you know about ways to distribute your new hire training plan. But what if you do not have a training plan yet? Great news, we can help! Use our template to help you put together an employee training plan.

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