Your Dashboard Just Got a Big Upgrade

Giving your learners an easy way to not only learn new topics, but re-educate themselves easily, is a big reason why people choose Lessonly. Today, we’ve made this re-education process even easier and more useful for learners with the launch of our new ‘My Dashboard’ page.

Formerly known as the ‘My Assignments’ page, the new Dashboard improves existing functionality and adds some new features, too.

The big four changes are:

1. Redesign

The first thing you’ll notice is a significant visual redesign of the dashboard page. Before, lessons were shown in a list view, which worked for a while, but wasn’t visually stimulating or easy to peruse. Now, with our redesigned card layout, the dashboard has a much more pleasant view for learners. The best part? It’s completely responsive, meaning you can look at the dashboard on your desktop, tablet, or mobile, and still have a great experience.

2. Filters

We’ve added filters so you can quickly see what you’ve done and what you still need to do. Visual color cues show you whether or not a lesson is complete, incomplete, or overdue.

3. Search

In addition to filters, you can now search within the text of your lessons to find the exact content you are looking for. Instead of having to remember (or guess) where your desired content is located, you can easily search, and Lessonly will give you relevant options based on text, questions, captions, or lesson titles. This should elevate your employees’ self-sufficiency dramatically.

4. Your Branding Included

Last, but not least, we’ve given you the ability to add your branding to your learner’s dashboard. And, trust me, it looks beautiful on your desktop or mobile device.

As always, if you have any feedback or ideas, don’t hesitate to send us a note!

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