Customers Value Excellent Service

Customers Value Excellent Customer Service

Consumer demands are changing in big ways. Websites and social media create a never-ending stream of reviews and customer interaction stories with companies all around the world. When studies show that 66% of consumers would spend more with a company they think provides better service, the importance of customer support stands at an all-time high.

Support affects returning revenue

If consumers have a bad experience with your company, they’ll often take their plight to social media. While this gives their claim an audience, it also affords you a chance to respond. This Twitter exchange between a frustrated customer and JetBlue provides the perfect example. You can imagine that customer might have a much easier time paying for an upgraded seat next time he flies with JetBlue. Small interactions like this might not yield complete customer loyalty, but it’s what people want to see from a customer-focused company.

46% of web users look toward social media when making a purchase.

Presence online is necessary

Activity on social channels is an easy way for customers to gauge the service from a company. If a customer is doing their homework before making a large purchase with your company, they can more easily look for Twitter and Facebook accounts than call your support line and put your reps through their paces. Nearly 46% of consumers do this, looking specifically for social media support before making a purchase. This echoes another trend showing that a whopping 85% of consumers look at reviews on Yelp before deciding to shop at local businesses.

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