New Feature: Custom User Field

TL;DR We’re releasing custom fields to ensure better data integrity for our clients.

In the U.S., we all have names, addresses, and phone numbers that identify us, but these elements can be too easily distorted, changed, or shared to serve as truly distinct markers of who we are.

That’s why our government invented the social security number (SSN) as our nation’s unique identifier. Each of the 318 million American citizens gets one of these custom numbers, and we use them all our lives to communicate with the powers that be.

Businesses do this, too, using SSN-like unique identifiers to keep track of all of their constituents. Sometimes, this identifier is an email address. Other times, it’s a unique number or code.

For the folks in the latter group, we’ve created our new custom-field option, which allows you to create, name, and expose a unique user field within your Lessonly account, alongside the existing Name and Email Address inputs.

If you choose to do so, you can expose a custom field to users when they sign up for new Lessonly accounts. You can also hide it from your user if managing the custom field internally makes more sense.

Creating Your Custom Field

Step 1. As a Lessonly admin, click the cog icon and select “Company Settings.”


Step 2. Under the Custom User Field header, click the blue “Add Field” button. Add-Field

Step 3. Name your custom field, choose whether you want to expose the field to users (more info on that below), and save your changes by clicking “Update Company.” Add-Field-3

Where Your Custom Field Shows Up

If you choose to make your custom field visible to your users, it will show up if you share a lesson link with someone who still needs to register:

Left, new sign-up flow with custom field exposed. Right, original sign-up flow.

It will also show up for you, the admin, whenever you edit a user’s info:



CSV and Wrapping Up

Whenever you export a CSV, your custom field will be a part of that document, alongside all your other user info.

If you have any questions or comments, let us know at, or in the comments below.


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