How to Create a Lesson Without Overthinking It

How to Create a Lesson Without Overthinking It

More than eighty percent of people who build lessons with Lessonly are not traditional trainers—they are just smart people, who have good ideas and trusted techniques to share with their teammates.

You have what it takes to create a great lesson. I put this post together—and the lesson it stems from—to help you realize that. Nothing we will cover today is rocket science; it’s all just simple techniques and guidelines that promote clarity of purpose and a

Learner-first experience.

We often hear that lesson creation feels daunting, but that’s usually the result of misaligned expectations. For example, people think back to lessons they took in school, and they start to worry they will have to deliver textbook-level offerings whenever they create a lesson.

To quell these concerns, let’s get a few misconceptions out of the way:

  • A great lesson does not need to be meticulous.
  • A great lesson does not need to be long.
  • A great lesson does not need to be perfect.

A great lesson should:

  1. pass along good ideas and reinforce them with stories and/or examples.
  2. allow others to provide feedback and ask clarifying questions about these good ideas.
  3. use open-ended questions to help others demonstrate their point-in-time understanding of the good ideas and aid in their retention.

In short, if you have ever walked someone through a recipe, given them directions, or showed them how to use a tool, you can create a great lesson—I promise.

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