Courses 2.0

With our latest Courses update, you have more control over your learning tracks.

Update 1: Lesson Order

Put together a series of lessons for step-by-step consumption. When your lessons are ready, add them to a course, put the lessons in your ideal order, and add a description. You can even force the learner to take lessons in your desired order.


Update 2: Courses on Your Assignments Page

On your assignments page, Courses now a have new look. Clicking on a course reveals its underlying lessons, in order.

Course Order

Update 3: Lesson Progression in Report Cards

Get to your next lesson directly from the previous lesson’s report card.

Next Lesson

Update 4: Tracking Courses

As an admin or manager, you can keep an eye on your learners’ course progress with these fancy progress bars. Clicking on the carrot next to each progress bar will show you exactly how well your learner is faring across the course, with direct links to report cards for any completed lessons.


Gradebook works like a charm with courses, too!

Update 5: Courses in Daily Digest Reporting

When you complete a lesson that is tied to a course, we now make that clear in your daily email.

Screenshot 2015-02-11 14.33.42
I hope these updates make your training more effortless. As always, if you have any feedback, please email our support team at

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