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Content-Focused Sales Enablement Best Practices

As a company grows, sales and marketing drift further apart – I miss you, sales. While both teams are working hard, whether it’s writing emails or writing articles, everyone will have carpal tunnel by 50. Instead of working even harder to generate more leads, they can work smarter through content-focused sales enablement.

Think funnel

Both teams are working to move visitors or prospects through the funnel. Your sales team sending people to the home page to read about your company, your cold emails are just as cold as everyone else’s. If your marketing team is targeting industries that aren’t converting well, your content is irrelevant to your best prospects.

Better content

When marketing knows what clients want, who they are, and what they like, they can quickly adapt their target visitor. If the sales team says most of the people they talk to are in their 30s, marketing will stop making those obscure Ethel Merman references and start sneaking in a few Beyoncé ones. Then, everything will be coming up roses. Who runs the world? You.

More personal sales

As an employee of a SaaS company, if I get a cold email about manufacturing tips, I’m confused and will likely close it. Granted, that’s never happened to me, but I imagine it’s happened somewhere. Instead, if I get an email with a statistic and a case study about how you helped another SaaS company triple their conversion rate, you have my attention.

But how?

Your sales and marketing teams have to communicate. Whether it’s through subjective feeling or objective fact, establishing relevant, applicable content for sales throughout the funnel will help inbound and outbound teams alike.

Sales enablement best practices

Arguably the most important of our sales enablement best practices is to stay aware. When your sales team knows your best content related to an industry depending on what part of the funnel they are in, it allows them to actually be helpful to prospects. When marketing knows what segments may be missing, they can fill those gaps and continue improving your inbound and outbound sales processes.

Sales enablement tools

There are so many variations of sales enablement tools. Software that finds emails, sends emails, track emails, masks phone numbers, and soon, I imagine, you’ll be able to hologram yourself into an office and present your solution. Using those tools inefficiently or ineffectively can end in disaster. By offering sales enablement training software, you can quickly update system processes, give content updates, success stories, and ideal client profiles. When you offer an easily accessible repository resource including these lessons, get ready for your sales to soar.

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