Consistent Customer Service 101

Delivering excellent customer service isn’t about just getting it right some of the time; today’s consumers have grown impatient with “average” customer service. One of the keys to providing your clients with the best possible experience is to keep your service consistent. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Read on to explore a few customer service tips for training your employees to provide more consistent customer service.

Obtain regular customer input

A key to providing your guests with more consistent customer service is to welcome and invite their input. After all, how can you know what you’re doing right or what you’re doing wrong if you don’t ask? Consider putting together a customer service survey, or use the ever popular Net Promoter Score to find out where you may be lacking in terms of service consistency. You may be surprised to find that many of your clients won’t ask for anything in return; they like giving their opinions.

However, to encourage participation, you may consider offering:

  • a discount on a future purchase
  • entry into a gift card drawing
  • a free product or service

Run through common scenarios

Once you know where your business is lacking in terms of providing consistent customer service, it’s time to address those concerns. Consider running through some training scenarios with your employees to ensure they know how to deal with common problem situations.

For example, if you receive feedback that many of your customers are less-than-happy with their service when communicating via telephone, set up some mock telephone calls and run through common scenarios with each of your employees. From there, you’ll be able to identify each employee’s strengths and weaknesses while making sure everybody knows how to handle these situations.

Utilize the right training platforms

Finally, never underestimate the power of great customer service training software. There are all kinds of topics every customer service representative needs to know that don’t come naturally.

The great thing about training your team with¬†training software is that you don’t necessarily need to have workers come in before or after your business hours for a real-time training session. Instead, software allows each of your employees to receive training during downtime.

Furthermore, training software can help you track each employee’s progress with each training module, giving you an idea of who’s on the right track and who may need a little more help. Using software is one of the easiest and best ways how to improve customer service at your organization.

With the right amount of research and training on your end, you can deliver the consistent customer service your clients deserve. As a result, your company’s reputation will grow and you’ll see more success down the road.

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