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Consistency Through a Training Template

When you go through 4 hiring sprees a year, training can start to blur together. What you did for the last class might not be the same as what you are doing for the next class. If that is the case, you cannot keep track of which training is most effective and what may need to be changed based on feedback. So, when your new class finishes their onboarding training and they say they would have liked more ice-breaking activities early, you remember that you did them with the class before.

The inconsistency between classes has to be fixed if you intend to grow and improve your training process. To start your improvement process try a training template.

Customizing your training template

With our training plan template, you can adapt our style to your training material. It might take a while to gather, audit, and organize all of your training material, but it will be worth it. Once you customize your training template, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you know how much easier the rest of your training will be. Simply updating a training plan template is much easier than managing training material without one.

Onboarding with a training template

After your training template is complete in your mind, it is time to try out the first round of new hires. Once you onboard once with a training template, you can see how it goes and evaluate what you think you need more of or less of. Don’t be afraid to include activities that don’t revolve around materials, but are things like team building activities, icebreakers, or shadowing.

If you organize every aspect of your training in a single document, it will be easier to maintain rather than updating two separate documents for every process change.

Training template feedback

Although you think your training template is perfect, you should ask for feedback from your new employees going through it. No one knows training quite like the people who experience it. If your learners would rather have a few more icebreakers at the beginning rather than jumping into training on their first day, try it out. Don’t hesitate to try new things in your training. You can’t be sure what is best for your employees until one class of them experiences it.

If you want an engaging program, consider making the shift to online training software. With easy-to-build and maintain lessons, you don’t have to worry about it taking hours to update a single lesson.

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